Medical Care

Medical care encompasses the range of services provided by healthcare professionals to maintain, restore, or improve the health of individuals. It includes preventive measures, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of illnesses, injuries, and diseases.

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QC Kinetix Pricing: What Can We Learn from an Invoice?

I’ve blogged a few times about a clinic chain run by mid-levels offering low-level regenerative medicine care and charging top dollar. Today we’ll go over an invoice from that clinic chain, called QC Kinetix, and use that to learn about the differences between real clinical orthobiologics and an outfit built on sales. Let’s dig in.…read more

Has Medicare Reversed Course on It’s Injectable Birth Tissues Clawback?

As you may recall, Medicare recently announced a major clawback of payments made for injectable birth-tissue products. However, in a surprise move, a recent letter from CMS seems to rescind the prior clawback. What in the world is going on? Let’s dig in. The Recent Medicare Clawback Several years ago, multiple birth tissue vendors selling…read more

What Can We Learn from the Medicare Birth Tissue Injection Scams?

As I reported a few days ago, we are in the midst of perhaps the largest single Medicare part B clawback in history. What can providers and patients learn from this massive fraud? Let’s dig in. Medicare and Birth Tissue Injections Medicare just issued a sweeping nationwide payment clawback for amniotic, placental, and umbilical cord…read more

Birth Tissue Injection Medicare Clawback Quickly Expands to the ENTIRE Nation

Yesterday I discussed that the Medicare Administrator for the state of Florida had decided to claw back all payments for birth tissue injections going back to 2019. I theorized that it wouldn’t be long until the other Medicare regions did the same. Well here we are a day later and I have now learned that…read more

Amniotic and Placental Injection Medicare Claims Clawbacks Begin

It’s often said that the federal government is like a huge destroyer. It doesn’t turn quickly, but when it points its guns in your direction, you don’t want to be there. I’m sure that’s what thousands of clinics around the country that offered Amniotic and Placental “Medicare Covered” injections are thinking now. Why? The largest…read more

How Much Does Low Back Fusion Cost?

One of the most costly and common back surgeries out there is Low Back Fusion. Today we’ll explore the question, “How much does Low Back Fusion cost?”.  The answer is that it all depends on where you live. Let’s dig in. What Is Low Back Fusion? Low Back or Lumbar Fusion is a procedure where…read more

The High Volume Pain Clinic Problem or “Churn and Burn”

There’s a disturbing trend recently covered by a news piece I just read. While I had planned on another blog this morning, when you try to write almost every day, you have to go with what gets you going. Today that’s the high-volume Pain Clinics that have been springing up all over the country. Let’s…read more

Understanding the What and the Why…

The hardest thing for patients is to understand the difference between What and Why. This means the problem and the cause. So let’s dig into this issue. Bad Medicine Is All About the Problem The “what” is the problem that the doctor is presented with. Let me give a few examples of “what”: Tight neck…read more
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