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Health and wellness refer to overall physical, mental, and social well-being achieved through healthy lifestyle practices. Prioritizing health promotes longevity and resilience to illness, enhancing overall quality of life.

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Can Young Blood Transfusions Make You Younger?

There’s been an experimental result that medical science has known about for a long time that has shaken up our basic understanding of biology. It’s called Heterochronic Parabiosis and it’s basically hooking an old animal up to a younger one. Several existing experiments suggested that this made the old animal younger, but new research questions…read more

Is a Little Alcohol a Wonder Drug or Poison?

You may remember 10 years ago when cardiologists recommended every US adult have a glass of red wine every night, convinced that this could bend the heart attack rate down. However, lately, we’ve been hearing a different story in the media about light to moderate alcohol use. Is alcohol a toxin with no fully safe…read more

Want to Live Longer? New Research Says Do These Simple Things…

Given the hundreds of billions spent every year on supplements and various “anti-aging” treatments we’re all fighting father time. In a way, that’s also what I do at Regenexx, focus on how to keep aging musculoskeletal systems going without big, life-altering surgeries. However, are there some really simple things you can do to cheat death?…read more

Back to Running Races after 7 Years!

7 years ago,  a patient decided to run the Boston marathon with a hip labral tear. That didn’t go well. I just recently got an email from my colleague Dr. Pitts who sent me the above picture of Gary who is finally back to running! An Email I got this email from Dr. Pitts this…read more

Blogging from the Caymans Again after 2 Years!

For many years, every three months I would have a blog where I announced being down in the Caymans. However, due to the pandemic, I haven’t been down here in 2 years as of this month. So let’s dig into what Cayman is all about when it comes to Orthobiologics. Closed for Two Years? It…read more

Understanding Medical Risk Is a Key Life Skill

If there’s one thing that patients often fail to understand it’s Medical Risk. In fact, this plays out every day usually to the detriment of otherwise smart people. So let’s explore that topic this morning. Risk Is Everywhere We all get up each morning and most of us hop in a car at some point…read more

Fighting Gravity as You Age: The Swiss Ball Super Stretch

I often write that I have a love-hate relationship with aging. On the one hand, an aging body is a fantastic instructor for anyone that does what I do. On the other hand, aging isn’t for sissies. Today I’d like to review a new Swiss ball super stretch I’ve been using that has made a…read more

Forget Fasting, A Little Calorie Restriction May Be Just as Good

One of the hottest topics of the last decade has been Fasting. It’s been touted as a bit of a miracle cure for everything from Diabetes to improving stem cell health. The problem? Most people can’t keep it up for very long. Could there be a much easier way to get the same benefits but…read more
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