Bone Marrow Concentrate

Bone marrow concentrate (or “Concentrated Bone Marrow” or “Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate” or “BMAC”), is a concentrated form of autologous bone marrow. Bone marrow concentrate is the result of centrifuging bone marrow to obtain a smaller volume which is more highly concentrated with cells and growth factors and therefore more useful as an injectate.

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How Would You Know If You Got a High or Low Quality BMC Procedure?

A bone marrow concentrate procedure or BMC contains the patient’s stem cells. However, how the doctor performs this procedure either means high or low stem cell numbers. At Regenexx we deal with these variables to ensure you’re getting a high-quality procedure. If you’re outside of the Regenexx network, how would you know?

New Study of Many Cell Therapies Versus Steroid Yields Interesting Results

We’re entering a time where we will continue to see large, high-quality studies published in orthobiologics. This has been happening in the PRP world for the last half-decade or more, but it is also about to happen in the world of bone marrow, adipose stromal vascular fraction, and umbilical cord stem cells. Another entry in…read more

Making Sure Orthobiologic Procedure Standards Don’t Slip

As consumers, it’s not hard to look at everyday items and determine their quality relative to their price. It’s also easy to see if you’re getting the same product at a Starbucks in the Seattle airport or the one in the Miami airport. However, with orthobiologics, these quality metrics are hard for a patient to…read more

Can an Intraosseous BMC Injection Mend a Non-healing Bone?

The history of using BMC to heal damaged bone is long and extensive, going back to the 1990s. Today I’ll cover what we know and highlight an amazing case of one of our old CSC fellows. Let’s dive in. Bone Marrow Concentrate Bone Marrow Concentrate or BMC (aka BMAC) is a mix of cells obtained…read more

Upcoming Clinical Trials for Interventional Orthobiologics

Interventional orthobiologics is a field that’s gaining momentum every day. While legit players right now in the United States are sticking to things that are FDA compliant, like PRP, BMC, and MFat, several FDA clinical trials are winding their way through the system. This morning’s blog focuses on the ones I can find and invites…read more

What’s the Difference Between All of the Types of Stem Cell Therapy?

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past, but it recently came up again through a patient, so I decided to revisit it with an update. This is an incredibly confusing topic for patients as they are usually bewildered by the vastly different claims between bone marrow, fat, and birth tissue “stem cell”…read more

Helping a Competitive Teen Gymnast with Spondylolysis Avoid Surgery

For many teen athletes, their sport is their life. These days, a good number of teens come up against serious physical obstacles. This morning we’ll review a patient journey who reached back out to Dr. Jason Markle of our Colorado HQ site to update him on how she’s doing 5 years down the road. We’ll…read more

What is a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®?

A clinic in Utah has been advertising a “Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.” So what in the world is this? How does it work? In my opinion, is it legit? Let’s dive in. The Genesis of this Blog As my readers know, I often write about what I experience daily. This blog began yesterday when…read more
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