Nerve Conditions

Nerve conditions cover a range of disorders causing symptoms like pain or numbness. Our blog series explores their causes, symptoms, and treatment options, providing insights for better management and understanding.

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Sternocleidomastoid Syndrome: What You Need to Know

What’s on this Page: What is sternocleidomastoid syndrome? What is the SCM muscle, and what does it do? How does sternocleidomastoid syndrome relate to nerves in the neck? SCM trigger points and referred pain The SCM and vertigo Does CCI play a role in sternocleidomastoid syndrome? If you or a loved one has neck pain,…read more

What Is a Proper Diagnostic Block Headache Work-up?

There are so many structures in the neck and head that can cause headaches that it’s almost tough to find them all and put them on a big list. However, after having many patients with chronic headaches come into the office and claim that after a simple Occipital Nerve Block that they have had a…read more

Another Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Helped

At Regenexx, we’re constantly expanding the number and type of patients we can help with precision orthobiologic procedures. While that occurs at all of our sites, our primary new treatment research site is our Colorado HQ. There we’ve been developing a new procedure to help patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia. This is very different than the…read more

What Does Your Back Pain and a Nerve in Your Ankle Have to Do with Your Bladder?

For the last decade or so I’ve realized that there’s a very big cross-over between patients with back pain and bladder problems. However, for many years this connection was ignored by urologists. Now, there are new devices that take advantage of this connection. So let’s dive into how a nerve in your ankle may impact…read more

Is Nerve Regeneration Possible?

I have tell my patients, “I don’t do miracles”. Meaning, we provide cutting-edge medical care, and most of the time that works well and sometimes it doesn’t. However, every once in a while the results can look miraculous. So today let’s review Tanya’s sciatic nerve injury and her long-term results. A Sciatic Nerve Injury Due…read more

What Is a Dural Leak?

We’ve seen many patients through the years with chronic dural leaks. What is that? How is a dural leak diagnosed? Can it be treated? Let’s dig in. What Is a Dural Leak? The dura is the covering of the spinal cord and nerve roots. It forms a sac of sorts that contains cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),…read more

Stem Cells and SCI: Placebo or the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

I have gotten many emails through the years from patients who know someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI) and who ask if we could help. My answer has always been the same. We only treat orthopedic injuries. However, a study on stem cells and spinal cord injury was just published in February that’s…read more

SI Joint Fusion Complications? Why Are We Doing this to Patients?

One of the biggest issues I see is how easily interventional pain physicians have been lured in by quasi-spine surgeries that they know are bad for their patients. A case in point is SI fusion. Let’s dig into SI joint fusion complications through a case posted on LinkedIn. What Is the SI Joint? The acronym…read more
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