Foot & Ankle

The foot and ankle support mobility and balance, comprising a complex structure of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Injuries or conditions, such as sprains or arthritis, can impair function and require proper diagnosis and treatment.

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What is a Morton’s Neuroma?

Foot pain can be debilitating and stop even active people in their tracks. This morning we’ll review Morton’s neuroma and how we treat that problem at Regenexx. Let’s dig in. What is a Morton’s Neuroma? The term neuroma means that there is swelling in a nerve. A Morton’s neuroma is swelling in the interdigital nerve…read more

What Is a Plantar Fascia Tear?

In this article: What is a plantar fascia tear? How do you know if you have one? How is it diagnosed? What are treatment options? Understanding types of tears and treatments Plantar fascia tear not healing (patient story) Your foot has an arch that allows it to act as a spring that returns energy when…read more

Getting Flat Feet? Meet the Spring Ligament

My feet are getting flat. In fact, that’s causing some pain in the top of my foot at the end of the day. So what’s going on? What does that have to do with the Spring Ligament? Let’s dig in. What Are Flat Feet? Our feet have a natural Arch. Why? Because it’s part of…read more

Being Thankful For Your Shoes

This is the week to give thanks for all that we have. Today we’ll look at an Olympian who was thankful for two mismatched shoes. Let’s dig in. It’s Almost Hard to Conceptualize the Past in Terms of Today Just a century ago, Americans had far less. Most were thankful for a good pair of…read more

4 Simple Steps to Wrap a Sprained Ankle With KT Tape

On this page: Does wrapping your ankle help? How does KT tape work? Ankle taping video, instructions and tips I sprained my ankle and trashed my lateral ligaments many years ago and became dependent on athletic tape to function until I discovered PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. I had two treatments one month apart and have…read more

Should You Get an Ankle Fusion?

Do you need an ankle fusion surgery? Ankle fusion has become a common surgical solution for ankle arthritis, but it’s obviously a big surgery with lots of things to consider before pulling the trigger. Let’s dig in. What Does Fusing the Ankle Mean? First, ankle fusions are typically performed for patients who have moderate to…read more

Stem Cells and Severe Ankle Arthritis: A Nepal Trekker Gets Her Hike Back

I see great stories from patients who we’ve treated with interventional orthobiologics all day, but I tend to write about the ones that surprise me. This is the story of a truly crazy path to recovery that begins in Nepal, circles through Grand Cayman, and then finally back to Denver. The craziest thing about this…read more

Outside Ankle Pain? What Could Be Wrong?

Outside ankle pain is common. So what’s here that could be causing your pain? How should this be diagnosed? Let’s dive in. What’s Here? There are few things that can cause outside ankle pain. First, this is where the peroneus brevis and longus tendons live, so small tears in those ligaments or degeneration (tendinopathy) can…read more
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