Fusion Surgery

Fusion surgery aims to stabilize the spine by permanently joining two or more vertebrae. It is commonly used to treat spinal instability or degeneration, aiming to alleviate pain and improve spinal function.

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Should You Get an SI Fusion?

SI joint fusion is all the rage right now. My last in-depth update on this topic was in 2019 and 2020. My conclusion back then was to ask why we were fusing the SI joint when we can easily treat lax ligaments through injection with far fewer complications. However, since then SI joint fusion has…read more

MIS, the Minuteman, and Fusion: Is This a Good Idea?

I cruised around on Linkedin this morning and chanced upon a discussion where someone had fused a patient for a herniated disc. This raised a critical point regarding fusion and the new trend for interventional pain management (IPM) physicians to fuse patients using “MIS.” Let’s review that idea through one specific device that IPM physicians…read more

How Much Does Low Back Fusion Cost?

One of the most costly and common back surgeries out there is Low Back Fusion. Today we’ll explore the question, “How much does Low Back Fusion cost?”.  The answer is that it all depends on where you live. Let’s dig in. What Is Low Back Fusion? Low Back or Lumbar Fusion is a procedure where…read more

Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Regenative Labs Update

It seems like such a simple missive, “Why can’t we be friends?” Who could possibly disagree with that concept? This is what a company called “Regenative Labs” has been pinging me with on LinkedIn. What’s that all about and how could I possibly refuse? Let’s dig in. Regenative Pings Me Several weeks ago, I started…read more

The Fusion War

Who should control Spinal Fusion among doctors? There’s an interesting fight going on that’s worth exploring. Let’s dig in. What Is Fusion? Spinal surgeons can install hardware and make sure degenerative and painful Spine segments don’t move anymore. This is of course an issue, as it hasn’t been shown to be any better than just…read more

Do You Really Need that Low Back Fusion?

Low Back Fusion has become one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the US, despite very poor evidence that it’s better than not doing any surgery. One of the big issues that often comes up for patients who have a condition called Degenerative Spondylolisthesis is whether they need a Fusion or can just…read more

Should You Get an Ankle Fusion?

Do you need an ankle fusion surgery? Ankle fusion has become a common surgical solution for ankle arthritis, but it’s obviously a big surgery with lots of things to consider before pulling the trigger. Let’s dig in. What Does Fusing the Ankle Mean? First, ankle fusions are typically performed for patients who have moderate to…read more

Is Fusing the Neck Needed? New Study Raises More Questions

Considering a neck fusion? Tens of thousands of patients a year find themselves making the same decision. Now a new study raises more questions about neck fusion to treat spinal cord compression. Understanding Cervical Spinal Cord Compression Cervical spondylotic myelopathy means that there is a compression of the spinal cord in the neck by bone…read more
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