Joint Function

Joint function relates to the ease and efficiency of movement within the body, enabling bending, stretching, and rotation essential for everyday activities. It directly impacts mobility and physical capabilities, supporting tasks and movements necessary for daily life.

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The Regen Med Engineering Flowchart

I was checking out Facebook this morning and this flowchart came up. Not only did I LOL, but since it reminded me of the one we use for advanced RegenMed and since 99% of practicing physicians still haven’t figured this out, if you as a patient or physician understand it, you’re ahead of the game.…read more

What My Unstable Knee Can Teach You About PRP Treatment

I’ve blogged about my right knee which is a case study in Instability and why a PRP injection MUST include more than injecting inside the knee joint. Let’s review the concept of Instability and why it’s so critical for doctors who use PRP to understand this issue. Let’s dig in. The Knee Your knee is…read more

Why Can’t I Lift My Arms Overhead?

On this page: Muscles and ligaments involved in neck instability Irritated neck nerves A patient story I love when patients walk in and I can easily show them how their body works. This past week, I was able to do that with a patient who couldn’t lift his arms over his head. In seconds, I…read more

This Self Test for Loose Knee Ligaments Can Help Prevent Arthritis

On this page: The 4 knee ligaments and how they work The knee tibial rotation test When to be concerned about loose knee ligaments Is there a way to tell if you have loose knee ligaments, and if one of your ligaments is loose, do you really need to do anything about it? Yes and…read more

Hip Impingement Causes: Is Instability the Culprit?

What is Hip FAI?  Are there Hip Impingement causes that I can address, or is FAI inevitable? These are common questions patients ask themselves. The answer may be that your hip has been unstable for many years and those bone spurs that your surgeon wants to whack out may be all that’s protecting your hip joint!…read more

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery: Does Cutting the Ligament Have Consequences?

Carpal tunnel surgery has become a standard surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, a problem that occurs when the median nerve gets chronically pinched at the wrist. The surgery is simple, cut the ligament that normally covers the carpal tunnel to give the nerve more breathing room. However, does cutting the transverse carpal ligament (TCL)…read more

Patella Alta Treatment: What You Can Do When You’re Knee Cap is Too High

Patella Alta Treatment is tricky because of the biomechanics of the knee, but we can certainly help. Patella alta is a condition where patients are born with their knee cap seated way too high. The normal knee cap sits in a groove and to work well, the cartilage of the groove has to make good contact…read more

Figuring Out a Complex Patient with an SI Joint Cyst: Interventional Orthopedics

Should we perform a low back or SI joint fusion on an active young woman just because we don’t know why she hurts? SR is a 15 year old cheerleader who was referred to our clinic because of severe and disabling low back pain. She went from a competitive cheerleader to being in severe pain, unable to walk without…read more
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