Blood Sugar Control

Blood sugar control refers to the regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream within a normal range. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is essential for overall health, as fluctuations can lead to various complications, particularly in individuals with diabetes. This involves a delicate balance between insulin production, glucose uptake, and metabolic processes in the body.

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Our Most Recent Publication on Blood Clots, Anticoagulation, and Knee Arthritis BMC Procedures

New medical technology attains a few predictable levels as it’s adopted by more and more physicians. Because we’ve been performing knee bone marrow concentrate procedures for a very long time and collecting registry data on them, we’re well into the final level. As a result, we just published a peer-reviewed research paper on the risk…read more

Forget About Fat: The Real Killer is Sugar

This weekend I had a direct experience with America’s insatiable appetite for sugar. At the same time, a study published in a prestigious medical journal just identified that we could save millions of lives if we just readjusted America’s packaged food sugar content. Let’s dig in. My Recent Sugar Rush This weekend, I was hanging…read more

What’s Best? Exercise in the Morning or Evening?

This is an age-old debate. Some people love beginning their day with exercise. Others can’t do that and get it done at night. Now a new study weighs in on this debate that concludes that for blood sugar control, one is better than the other. Let’s dig in. The Debate I’ve tried several times to…read more

Has Science Discovered New Types of Diabetes Beyond 1 and 2?

Adult-onset diabetes is a huge societal problem. In fact, problems with sugar metabolism are likely at the core of why most Americans develop heart disease and cancer. In addition, out-of-control sugar intake and insulin response can also seriously screw up your stem cells and shorten your life-span. Hence, when scientists discover a new type of…read more
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