Case Studies

Case studies provide in-depth analysis of real-life scenarios, offering valuable insights and practical applications. Common in medicine, they illustrate concepts and theories, helping researchers, practitioners, and students understand complex issues and apply lessons to future situations.

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Mark’s Rotator Cuff Tear and Amazing Bench Press

I’m an amateur weightlifter. Meaning I got to a certain point of strength and decided that my aging body and frame had hit their max. However, I have great respect for the guys that have the desire and frame to really explore what the human body is capable of lifting. Hence, I’d like to highlight…read more

Why Aren’t Interventional Pain Management Physicians Offering More Regenerative Solutions?

These past few years I’ve seen that while regenerative medicine is gaining wider acceptance, there’s been an explosion in treatments being offered that aren’t nearly as elegant. What fits into that category and why does it make me uncomfortable? Let’s dig in. More Options are Better than Fewer The great thing about helping patients in…read more

My Own Non-Surgical Spondylolisthesis Recovery

If you read this blog, you know I have a chronic back issue called spondylolisthesis. However, this past year, I have had my crew at our Colorado HQ working on it and there’s nothing like results to again show me how important our treatments can be. Let me explain. What Is Spondylolisthesis? Spondylolisthesis means that…read more

6 Year Knee Stem Cell Update: Unstoppable!

This 6 year knee stem cell update pic sent to us from one of Dr. Schultz’s patients at the Centeno Schultz Clinic in Colorado has to be one of my favorites. The expression on Craig’s face says it all! Craig first posted this comment on Facebook: “100+ days on the snow, still a competitive water…read more

A Great Regenexx Provider: Dr. Fenton in Vermont

How do we choose Regenexx providers? First, they have to have a certain amount of training in imaging-guided injections. Second, they have to have a willingness to learn a new way of treating and approaching patients. Finally, they need to be willing to leave much of a traditional practice behind and focus more and more…read more

TMJ Stem Cell Therapy: Valerie’s Story

Every doctor sees patients who, right off the bat, he or she knows are a huge challenge. Valerie was one of those patients with one of the most severe cases of TMJ I have ever seen. She was unable to eat solid or soft foods at any level, and I was pretty sure she also…read more

17 Month Follow-up in a Patient with a Unispacer Implant

This is a quick follow-up on a then 60 year old patient (RH) with bilateral titanium unispacers that were placed several years before being considered for our procedure. This knee spacer system is very unique. Once one knee compartment has collapsed due to degeneration or surgical removal of the meniscus, it allows the surgeon to…read more
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