A Great Regenexx Provider: Dr. Fenton in Vermont

How do we choose Regenexx providers? First, they have to have a certain amount of training in imaging-guided injections. Second, they have to have a willingness to learn a new way of treating and approaching patients. Finally, they need to be willing to leave much of a traditional practice behind and focus more and more on regen med. This last part can be difficult for any doctor as there’s safety in traditional medicine. Johnathan Fenton in Vermont is one of those physicians in our network who has exemplified the best of all of these things we value.

This past week I got a great e-mail from a patient. Running a big medical network, I sometimes tend to get e-mails like this for issues that need troubleshooting. However, as I read further into this one, it was such a great testimony to Dr. Fenton’s excellent work in Vermont, I thought I would just post it “as is” without much further explanation:

“I started seeing Dr. Fenton in Winooski Vermont in November last year. I had a consult with him for my shoulder. I had originally come down for stem cells but on examining the shoulder, he said there was instability and that doing PRP first would be the correct procedure to try now. I had a tear in the rotator cuff muscle that is at the front of the shoulder and well as other small tears.

He spent 1.5 hours with me ultra sounding the shoulder, moving it to see how it was working. I was so impressed after the first meeting I was hooked. I went for PRP at the beginning of December and then again the first week of February.

I play tennis from May to end of September, probably 5 or 6 time a week. It could 2 to 4 hours on the court a day. I also coach an alpine racing team, snowboard racing team and run a ski club at the school I teach at. I also go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, where 2 of the those times is lifting weights. I had fallen 2 years earlier roller blading. I was able to do a lot with the shoulder, continued to play tennis and ski, but when I went to the gym to lift weights, you could see in the mirror that my right shoulder was not moving correctly. I was able to lift the weights but I think other muscles were kicking in to do the job. So over those two years the shoulder went through a lot of wear and tear.  If I sat on the floor I could not lift up into an arch because my right shoulder could not support the weight.

I had over the two years quite a lot of pain at night which was disrupting my sleep.

After the two sessions my shoulder is now tracking properly and I don’t have pain at night. Through all of this Dr. Fenton was excellent. He took his time, explaining everything as he went. I never felt rushed. He has a wonderful disposition and great sense of humour.

Having had such a succes with my shoulder, at the beginning of May I had him look at my left knee. About 4 years earlier I had damaged my knee.  I had exrays, MRI on it. There was some arthritis, which at 61 I felt was expected and they did see a torn miniscus. With a lot of physio I regained a lot. I could still play tennis many hours in a day and still run moguls in skiing for hours. Again I was still able to do a lot with the knee as it was, but it tightened up quicker than the other and when I sat on the floor I could not touch the left calf muscle on the floor. I had lost about 3 degrees in my ability to straighten my leg. I had the injections done at the beginning of April, and yesterday I noticed that for the first time in 4 years I could completely straighten my leg. The muscles behind my knee are still a little tight but that would be expected since they had been in a shortened position for 4 years.

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Fenton and recommend him to any one who will listen. In fact my son had a consult with Dr. Pitts in the Colorado office about his back. Dr. Fenton had suggested after seeing my sons back report, that Dr. Pitts would be a good doctor to see. My son is just trying now to determine a time that will fit in with his busy work schedule. I am hoping my son will see as much success with his back as I have with my shoulder and knee.

I think long term I will go back to Dr. Fenton once a year to have PRP in my shoulder and knee just to try and keep the joints in good shape. KInd of like taking my car in for a lube job.

I wanted to pass this along about Dr. Fenton since we tend not to take time to thank someone who does a great job. We tend to have much energy to complain than complement.

Caroline Orchard”

Caroline, I couldn’t agree more! All too often we do forget to thank the doctors who go that extra mile for us. Sometimes, we tend to focus on the opposite. So Thanks, Dr. Fenton, for doing such a great job!

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