Complications are unintended and often undesirable outcomes that can occur during medical procedures or treatments. They can range from minor issues to more serious adverse events and may arise due to various factors such as underlying health conditions, surgical errors, or reactions to medications. Understanding complications is crucial for healthcare providers to anticipate risks, mitigate potential harms, and ensure patient safety.

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Periacetabular Osteotomy: Should You Get Hip PAO Surgery?

You find out after a visit to the local orthopedic surgeon’s office that you or your young adult has hip dysplasia. One of the treatments offered is a surgery called PAO. You frantically search the Internet to figure out what that is and whether it’s a good choice. So today let’s explore hip PAO surgery.…read more

If You Get a Knee Replacement in Your 40s or 50s How Long Will It Last?

We have been performing a grand experiment since the 1970s called modern orthopedic surgery. The idea is that by surgically intervening, we can fix musculoskeletal problems. While a reasonable idea, one side effect was that younger and younger people began to get operated. This trend combined with heavier and less active humans to have the…read more

Burst Biologics Gets and FDA Warning Letter: Claims vs Reality

Yet another Umbilical Cord product manufacturer has received yet another FDA letter. This time it’s Burst Biologics. I thought today that I would use this as an opportunity to show you the difference between what you can find on the web against the reality of what an FDA inspection found on the ground at the…read more

Expectations vs. Reality: The HUGE Difference Between What Surgical Patients Believe and Reality

I love blogging about what I experience. This month a kid hurt his finger and ended up with a surgery that didn’t need to happen. As I contemplated why that occurred, I came across research on the difference between surgical expectations and reality. In addition, if we are ever able to bend the Orthopedic cost…read more

The NSAID Apples to Apples Dilemma

One of the things we often do to help patient outcomes before, during, and after a regenerative medicine procedure is to restrict certain medications we know can hurt healing or the cells we’re using. One of the more common things we do is to take patients off NSAID drugs. However, that often creates a conundrum…read more

1 in 8 Orthopedic Surgeries Lead to Heart Damage

Sometimes a paper comes along that breaks my brain. This is one of those research studies which is in the form of a position paper published by the American Heart Association. It basically says that some people are getting heart damage during routine surgery. So let’s dig in because when I first read it yesterday,…read more

ANOTHER Study Shows Fusion Is an Expensive Tip

What if a very invasive spine procedure became common to treat degenerative disease despite a high complication rate and multiple studies showing it was ineffective? This would make little common sense, right? However, that’s what has happened with Lumbar Fusion. Now yet another new study shows it doesn’t work. Let’s dig in. What Is DDD…read more

Is Saline a Placebo or a Treatment?

In the world of pain and arthritis research, it’s been a long-held belief that the gold standard is a placebo group that receives saline. However, these past 5-10 years there’s been pushback on that idea by the research community. Meaning many now believe that saline is a treatment by itself. Hence, what if saline isn’t…read more
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