Hip Conditions

Hip conditions refer to a variety of musculoskeletal problems affecting the hip joint, surrounding structures, or related tissues. These conditions can include injuries, degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis, congenital abnormalities, or inflammatory conditions like bursitis.

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Should You Get Surgery to “Fix” Hip FAI? A Test of Construct Validity

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis as a clinician. This weekend a hip surgeon on Linkedin and I went back and forth on the topic of why so many people without pain have FAI on their imaging and whether that means that…read more

Periacetabular Osteotomy: Should You Get Hip PAO Surgery?

You find out after a visit to the local orthopedic surgeon’s office that you or your young adult has hip dysplasia. One of the treatments offered is a surgery called PAO. You frantically search the Internet to figure out what that is and whether it’s a good choice. So today let’s explore hip PAO surgery.…read more

Treating an Acetabular Cyst and Healing the Hip Socket

On this page: What Is an Acetabular Cyst? How Are Acetabular Cysts Usually Treated? Donna’s Treatment Journey and MRI Results I love to post great stories about how interventional orthobiologics has changed people’s lives. That includes keeping aging athletes doing what they love. Today I’ll go over some great results from a patient with hip…read more

Welcome to the Hip Osteonecrosis BMC Club Yale!

One of the trends of the last 5 years is seeing more and more universities add the use of PRP and Bone Marrow Concentrate to their day-to-day patient offerings. One of those treatments that we’ve been using for more than a decade is a Bone Marrow Concentrate injection to treat Osteonecrosis of the hip. Now…read more

Helping the Active Aging Stay Active

One of the things we do at Regenexx is helping active people stay active as they age. This morning we’ll go over Mary’s story, an active woman who is now mountain biking despite multiple roadblocks placed in her way due to injuries and aging. Let’s dig in. The Orthopedic Surgery Dilemma Perhaps the best way…read more

Which Regenexx Procedures Fail the Most?

In the Wild West of stem cells, most of what you see are either fictional outcomes that are really customer satisfaction surveys or testimonials by social media influencers. One thing you never see is anything like today’s blog where a company offering orthobiologic treatments discusses its failures. So let’s dig into this topic. Real Procedures…read more

The Orthopedic Delusion that Hip Impingement Should Be Operated

One of the more bizarre trends of the past decade-plus has been the idea that we should be operating on people with Hip Impingement. I’ve been a big critic for two reasons. First, it makes no common sense. Second, the science doesn’t support that we should be doing this to patients. Today we’ll cover a…read more

How Well Do Hip Replacements Work? New Research Raises Questions…

You can’t watch TV or cruise the Internet without seeing ads for Hip Replacement surgery where you see active people doing everything from riding bikes to climbing mountains. Heck, these ads are even on the buses where I live. However, how realistic is that? Today we’ll focus on new Hip Replacement research that doesn’t really…read more
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