Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation and wear of the ankle joint, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Commonly resulting from injury, aging, or underlying conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, it significantly impacts daily activities.

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Advanced Ankle Treatment with Orthobiologics

Like everything else I have posted with these treatment infographics, if you or somebody you know is considering a PRP or stem cell procedure for their ankle, please make sure the clinic can do all of these injections in all of these areas. What percentage of clinics have these qualifications? Less than 1 in 100…read more

1 in 3 Unstable Ankles Has Cartilage Damage

Many people have sprained their ankles a few times in their lives. As they age, they begin to notice pain after exercise, and most ignore that pain. Now a new study shows that in 1 in 3 ankles where the ligaments are loose, there is already cartilage damage. The Ankle Ligaments The main ankle ligaments…read more

Collapsed Ankle: Why It Happens and What to Do About It

On this page: What causes a collapsed ankle? How do you treat a collapsed ankle? What if I leave a collapsed ankle untreated? I both love and hate getting older. The one part of getting older I do like is that I get to experience on a first-hand basis all of the stuff my patients…read more

Stem Cells and Severe Ankle Arthritis: A Nepal Trekker Gets Her Hike Back

I see great stories from patients who we’ve treated with interventional orthobiologics all day, but I tend to write about the ones that surprise me. This is the story of a truly crazy path to recovery that begins in Nepal, circles through Grand Cayman, and then finally back to Denver. The craziest thing about this…read more

More Evidence that Knee Meniscus Surgery Causes Arthritis

You gotta love medicine. In no other profession would something that has been shown to be ineffective continue to be done. As an example, we’ve known for years now that knee meniscus surgery doesn’t work. Despite that, it’s still the most common knee procedure in the United States. We also have some research to show…read more

Ankle Sore After Walking? What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

On this page: Ankle anatomy Why does my ankle hurt when I walk? What is ankle instability? How do you treat ankle instability? Our ankles have a big job to do, carrying around the weight of our entire body, certainly more than other weight-bearing joints, like our hips and knees. If everything is normal in…read more

A New Ankle Surgery Alternative Interventional Orthopedics Style…

Knees and hips seem to be on everyone’s minds these days, but surgical alternatives are equally important for all joints. Interestingly, especially for ankles, as they carry the weight of those knees and hips and backs and shoulders and necks, and everything else above them. This is the story of unsuccessful and damaging surgeries, and…read more

Ankle Pain after an Ankle Joint Replacement

A doctor discusses how replacing a joint just based on how bad it looks on x-ray or MRI can lead to disastrous consequences.
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