Musculoskeletal health

Musculoskeletal health encompasses the well-being of the body’s muscles, bones, joints, and associated tissues, crucial for movement, support, and overall functionality. In our blog series, we delve into the importance of musculoskeletal health, offering insights into preventive measures, exercises, treatment options, and lifestyle changes to promote optimal musculoskeletal function and prevent injuries.

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What is a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®?

A clinic in Utah has been advertising a “Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.” So what in the world is this? How does it work? In my opinion, is it legit? Let’s dive in. The Genesis of this Blog As my readers know, I often write about what I experience daily. This blog began yesterday when…read more

Why Concentration Matters in Orthobiologics: My Recent TOBI Presentation

Dose is a critical concept in medicine. In fact, a doctor who doesn’t know the dose of medication he injects into your body would lose a medical license. However, for far too long, we’ve allowed physicians practicing orthobiologic procedures to inject these products without knowing the dose. Our recent research and papers published by others…read more

Fighting Gravity as You Age: The Swiss Ball Super Stretch

I often write that I have a love-hate relationship with aging. On the one hand, an aging body is a fantastic instructor for anyone that does what I do. On the other hand, aging isn’t for sissies. Today I’d like to review a new Swiss ball super stretch I’ve been using that has made a…read more

Just Move…

Does the amount we move reduce our risk of death? That’s a simple question that many studies have ventured to answer. A recent bit of research may make you glad you got a Fitbit for Christmas. Let’s dig in. What Is All-Cause Mortality? Researchers will typically use a metric that they describe as “all-cause mortality”.…read more

What Are the Intertransverse Ligaments?

As I have said many times, ligaments are the red-headed stepchild of the spine. Meaning they are often ignored by 99% of the physicians treating spine problems. However, they are important and ubiquitous throughout the spine. Today we’ll review the Intertransverse ligaments, what they do, and why they could be causing you problems. Let’s dig…read more

What Is Osteitis Pubis? Can It be Fixed?

Osteitis Pubis is a great way for us to learn about how the SI joint and pelvic ring works. What is Osteitis Pubis? Why should you care? Let’s dig in. What Is Osteitis Pubis? In order to learn about Osteitis Pubis, we first need to learn about the pelvic ring and the symphysis pubis (1).…read more

Microgravity and the Most Important Low Back Muscle Called Multifidus

The multifidus is one of those key muscles that you NEED to know about if you have back pain, but you likely have never heard about it. Let’s learn about this muscle, but also look at what happens to it if we remove the earth’s gravity. Let’s dig in. What is the Multifidus? Multifidus is…read more

The Glutes and the ITB

The ITB is one of those parts of the body that everyone loves to hate. When gyms were open, you would invariably see dozens of people a day rolling out their tight and tender ITBs. However, what most of these people don’t know is that the way to a painless ITB future is often getting…read more
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