Minimal Downtime

Minimal downtime refers to the brief recovery period required after medical procedures, allowing individuals to quickly resume their daily activities. This concept is particularly valued in regenerative treatments and modern medical practices, where advanced techniques and technologies aim to promote rapid healing and minimize disruption to patients’ routines.

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Interdigital Wasting in Seattle Fixed with Platelet Lysate

We all seem to take our feet for granted. I know I do. However, this is where our body meets the ground, and, consequently, they’re pretty important. Since you likely don’t notice your feet, you may be surprised to learn that there are muscles that live there. As we age, some of us will lose…read more

New Research: Your Achilles Tendon Is an Efficient and Twisted Mess

As a physician, like every other doctor, I was taught that the Achilles was the biggest single tendon in the human body. The first day of medical school I was also told that half of everything they would teach me would eventually be proven wrong. So this past week, researchers added yet another thing that…read more
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