Ligament Tears

Ligament tears, also known as sprains or strains, occur when the fibrous bands of tissue connecting bones in a joint are stretched or torn. They commonly result from sudden trauma, overuse, or repetitive stress, leading to pain, swelling, instability, and impaired joint function.

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Can Things Like Lyme, Mold, COVID, or Your Diet Destroy Your Ligaments?

It’s not uncommon that I speak to patients on a Telemedicine evaluation who are convinced that Lyme, mold exposure, COVID, or some other environmental trigger caused their ligaments to degenerate. So what do we know about infections and environmental triggers and ligament health? Let’s dive in. Functional Medicine Diagnoses The purpose of this blog isn’t…read more

PRP vs BMC for Ligament Healing

I love writing about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. A patient recently wrote to me claiming that a prolotherapy physician had told him that PRP injections were clearly superior to Bone Marrow Concentrate for helping ligaments heal. Hence, I figured it was time for a formal deep dive to help patients understand the…read more

What is the Ligamentum Flavum? Why Should You Care?

One of the more critical ligaments in your spine is generally an unknown for most patients. That’s despite being responsible for causing lots of back pain and general havoc. That structure is called the ligamentum flavum. Let’s dig in. Ligaments and the Spine If we had to hold a competition between different spinal structures like…read more

Joint Sounds and How Ligaments Respond to Orthobiologics

Some patients with instability experience a mid-point in healing that can cause anxiety. It’s this time when things are tighter, but the number of pops, cracks, and instability episodes can climb rather than go away. So let’s dig into why this is and what’s happening. A Typical Joint Above we have a typical joint with…read more

How to Interpret the Different Trajectories of Ligament Healing

We can now help many ligament injuries heal through precise injections rather than surgery. Most patients do great, but some are left trying to read the tea leaves of their recovery pattern to see how this impacts their future. So let’s review most of the possible outcomes and learn from them. My Ligament Healing History…read more

Whiplash Leads to More Long-term Pain at 20 Years

Does getting a neck injury in a car crash, even if it heals, cause long-term problems? That’s what a recent study set out to determine. Let’s dig in. WAD More than 20 years ago, some Canadian researchers in Quebec (QTF or Quebec Task Force) came up with the term “WAD” which means “Whiplash Associated Disorders”…read more

Injection Treatment for EDS Patients

I still remember hearing about the time my niece dislocated her knee cap while cheerleading and had to go to the emergency room. Through the years of treating her, I got a crash course in injection treatment for EDS. Things can get pretty hopeless for these patients, hence I thought our shared experience was worth…read more

Why Your Head Feels Heavy

On this page: What holds the head on? How do you know if you have these problems? How do you treat heaviness of the head? Picture your head as a bowling ball balanced on the end of a stick (the spine). There are muscles at the top of the neck as well as in the…read more
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