Bone Marrow Lesions

A bone marrow lesion, also known as bone marrow edema, is a visible abnormality seen on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the bone. It appears as a bright spot indicating swelling within the bone tissue, often associated with underlying cartilage damage. Left untreated, bone marrow lesions can progress to bone cysts, highlighting the importance of early intervention to promote healing and prevent further degeneration.

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Why Are Knee Bone Marrow Lesions A Big Deal?

What is a bone marrow lesion? If you have knee arthritis, why should you care? Today we’ll dig into why these are a big deal through the story of a basketball player’s knee. What Is a Bone Marrow Lesion? Many think that a joint like the knee has two main parts – the bone and…read more

Regenexx Reviews: Do Orthobiologics Always Work?

On this page: Published data Highlighted treatment failures What we’re doing to avoid treatment failures The financial case One of the things that I have always tried to do is to intermittently highlight patients that fail our treatments. Why? Because we don’t do magic pixie dust. We offer medical procedures with success and failure rates…read more

Can You Inject Orthobiologics into the Bone Using Ultrasound?

Regenerative medicine has a quality problem. I see it every day. We have medical doctors and chiropractors who hear about a stem cell-based therapy being effective and then take a weekend course to learn about the treatment. However, they soon cut corners and costs and distill it to its most basic form, reducing its efficacy…read more

Bone Cement to Treat Bone Marrow Lesions in a Knee?

One of the hottest trends in arthritis treatment right now is the idea that you need to treat bone marrow lesions if found on MRI as well as cartilage. This is a new procedure has many names. This opportunity has excited the companies that make bone cement, and they have created devices to inject this…read more

Hip Arthritis Getting Worse? New Research Says It Could Be the Bone

Is your hip arthritis getting worse? In addition to cartilage breakdown, your bone could also be deteriorating. A bright spot (or dark spot depending on the imaging sequence used) on the bone on MRI is called a bone marrow lesion (BML, also called a BME which means bone marrow edema). It’s an area in the…read more
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