Knee Surgery Alternative

Regenexx procedures provide non-surgical alternatives for knee conditions such as arthritis, meniscus tears, and torn ACLs. These treatments utilize the body’s own healing agents to reduce pain, improve function, and potentially avoid knee surgery or replacement.

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What Does an Advanced Knee Treatment with Orthobiologics Look Like?

All too often these days, someone with knee pain ends up at a clinic where they blindly inject something into the joint. However, real advanced orthobiologics care using PRP or stem cells involves placing these substances precisely in various parts of the knee. Let’s review of few of those spots: Intra-articular or inside the joint…read more

Why the Idea That an ACL Can Heal Itself Is Surgical Sacrilege

As I have written before, if modern surgical sports medicine has one sacred cow, it’s ACL reconstruction. That’s why the fact that we have dozens of MRI examples of non-healing torn ACLs improving with our Perc-ACLR procedure has raised eyebrows. Now a new study that shows that some ACLs can heal themselves has apparently angered…read more

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Dose Matters in Knee Osteoarthritis

If there’s one overarching theme in orthobiologics that I have been discussing for almost two decades, it’s that measuring and delivering higher doses are critical for success. Despite this, 99% of physicians who offer these procedures don’t know what dose they’re delivering and use bedside kits that can only achieve low doses. Today we’ll go…read more

Physical Therapy Is as Good as Knee Surgery for Degenerative Meniscus Tears Yet Again

Do common orthopedic surgical procedures work? Increasingly, research is showing that many are ineffective. This morning we’ll focus on one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM). Let’s dig in. Meniscectomy 101 The idea behind APM is simple. The patient usually notices sudden knee pain and an MRI is…read more

Healing Another ACL without Surgery

I’ve posted so many of these before and after ACL tear MRI images that I’ve literally lost count of the total. Meaning it’s become routine for us to help athletes who tear their ACL get back to what they love without surgery. We’ve got dozens of MRIs to prove that’s what’s happening. So let’s dig…read more

A Tale of Five Knee Joint Injections: You Get What You Pay For

It’s always hard to explain to patients how training and expertise in medicine vary widely. The good news is that in the more established areas of medicine represented by board certification, while the skill levels between doctors are different, there is a minimum standard of competency. However, once one gets into Regenerative Medicine where no…read more

What a New Bone Marrow Knee Study Can Teach Us About QA

QA is a term that you hear more often in industries like manufacturing or engineering, not in medicine. However, the bone marrow concentrate procedure for knee arthritis has so many moving parts that QA is key. So today we’ll review a new research paper and also learn how they failed on several key QA metrics.…read more

How Does Orthopedic Surgery Stack Up to Interventional Orthopedics?

As I have shown a few times, orthopedic surgery has an embarrassingly poor evidence base. I recently covered a new study that helped confirm this issue a few weeks ago and I have since performed a deep dive to compare how Interventional Orthopedics stacks up. Let’s dive in. The Old Gaurd versus the New Kid…read more
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