Placebo Effect

Discover the placebo effect in our blog series. Explore its psychological mechanisms, implications for research, and applications in clinical practice. Our insights shed light on this fascinating aspect of mind-body interactions, offering valuable perspectives on its impact on health and healing.

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A Pain Reprogramming App and a New RCT

There’s been a decades-long dispute between pain psychologists and physicians that treat chronic pain. These past 5 years, the concept that the chronic pain you experience can be cured through talk therapy has expanded like a forest fire in a Santa Ana wind. Now new research aims to prove that this talk therapy works. In…read more

Is Saline a Placebo or a Treatment?

In the world of pain and arthritis research, it’s been a long-held belief that the gold standard is a placebo group that receives saline. However, these past 5-10 years there’s been pushback on that idea by the research community. Meaning many now believe that saline is a treatment by itself. Hence, what if saline isn’t…read more
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