Bone Marrow Aspiration

Bone marrow aspiration is a medical procedure used to collect a sample of bone marrow for diagnostic purposes or bone marrow concetrate procedures. It involves inserting a needle into the bone marrow cavity, typically in the hip bone, to extract a small amount of bone marrow fluid or tissue. This procedure is commonly performed to evaluate blood cell production, diagnose blood disorders, or harvest stem cells and other cells derived from your bone marrow

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Marrow Cellutions and the Regen Med IQ Test

Regenerative medicine and interventional orthobiologics are interesting because there is no standardized education for these topics in 99% of the residencies or fellowships. This creates an information vacuum that smart sales reps and device manufacturers can manipulate because they’re often where providers get their education. So today, I’ll challenge patients and providers with a Regen…read more

What is a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®?

A clinic in Utah has been advertising a “Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.” So what in the world is this? How does it work? In my opinion, is it legit? Let’s dive in. The Genesis of this Blog As my readers know, I often write about what I experience daily. This blog began yesterday when…read more

Magic Tricks, Electron Microscopy, and Umbilical Cord Tissue

Sleight of hand is a staple in magic tricks. Basically, you get the audience to look over here at an illusion, while the reality behind that illusion happens over there. While this works well on stage, it can also work in research and publications. After all, who really reads and dissects what research papers conclude…read more

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Dose Matters in Knee Osteoarthritis

If there’s one overarching theme in orthobiologics that I have been discussing for almost two decades, it’s that measuring and delivering higher doses are critical for success. Despite this, 99% of physicians who offer these procedures don’t know what dose they’re delivering and use bedside kits that can only achieve low doses. Today we’ll go…read more

More Research on How Bone Marrow Is Collected Is Critical

Any expert in any field can easily pull back the curtain on how the sausages in that field are made. What I mean is that any field sufficiently complex to need experts has a huge number of variables that determine the quality of the end product. The same rules apply to interventional orthobiologics. There are…read more

Profiting from Amnio, Exosomes, and Umbilical Cord Products Right Up to the Wire and Beyond

With the FDA enforcement discretion period rapidly coming to a close, how are some of the bad actors responding? After investigating this, it’s a mix of retreating, garbled messages, and business as usual. In addition, like a game of telephone, the sales reps are making up all sorts of crazy stuff. Let’s dig in. The…read more

Regenative Labs: Is CoreText or ProText Covered by Medicare?

One of the crazier trends in the already completely out of control birth tissue/fake stem cell sales industry is the idea that Medicare now magically covers these products. Of course, none of this is remotely true and all of it comes with federal prison time, but that hasn’t stopped many companies from making this claim.…read more

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last for Knees?

One of the biggest questions I get from patients who have knee arthritis and want to avoid knee replacement is how long does stem cell therapy last for knees? Interestingly, we’re the only clinic system on earth that can answer that question as we began offering our patients stem cell therapy for knee arthritis in…read more
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