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Since pioneering the treatment of common orthopedic problems with regenerative orthopedic procedures in 2005, Regenexx has been at the forefront of research, including clinical trials, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies, and the largest live registry of orthopedic regenerative medicine outcomes. In 2011 we decided to start licensing our technology and training physicians. Today we have 100 Regenexx locations and over 110 licensed physicians, worldwide.

Why Become a Licensed Regenexx Physician

Regenexx offers a family of proprietary regenerative medicine protocols that define what we consider a new medical specialty: Interventional Orthopedics (also referred to as Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine).

We are helping medical professionals lead through innovation and help their patients avoid ineffective and harmful traditional pain medicine techniques, as well as orthopedic surgery. Our live registry — with tens of thousands of procedures — shows that as many as 7 out of 10 of current orthopedic surgeries without fracture-related care could be avoided with a Regenexx procedure.

Eligibility And Requirements

Physicians interested in becoming licensed by Regenexx will need to undergo extensive training and meet the requirements listed: 

  • Licensed MD or DO
  • Board-certified 
  • Musculoskeletal expertise  
  • Experience with regenerative medicine treatments, such as fluoroscopy and MSK ultrasound-guided injection-based procedures
  • The ability to perform an in-depth, complex musculoskeletal exam with diagnostics lasting more than 30 minutes of hands-on time with the patient  

Licensing And Training

If you are looking for more information or interested in learning more about becoming a licensed Regenexx physician, please complete the form below or contact Micah Zackroff at [email protected]

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