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IV at Home Umbilical Cord “Stem Cells”: Living Well Regenerative Health

If you read this blog, you know I get sent stuff all the time. I’ll usually write about the craziest stuff I get sent and this morning that’s an at-home IV Umbilical Cord “Stem Cell” business called Living Well Regenerative Health in Alexandria, Virginia. Let’s dive in. The Umbilical Cord “Stem Cell” Scam I’ve written…
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The Orthopedic Center of Excellence vs Changing the Surgical Paradigm

One of the hottest trends this past decade in orthopedic cost savings is the idea of an Orthopedic Center of Excellence approach. However, there are some distinct reasons why this doesn’t save employers as much money as it could. Let’s dig in through the lens of knee surgery. The COE Concept The idea behind an…
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Adding Stem Cells to a Physical Therapy Practice? RHSS and A2I

I often say that’s it’s impossible to make this stuff up. While one of the most destructive things to happen to regenerative medicine has been companies that push chiropractors to open fake stem cell clinics, we now have a new low. Companies that are pushing physical therapists to open fake stem cell clinics. Let’s dig…
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The News is Confused: What Separates a Good Actor from a Bad Actor?

We’ve seen a spate of news stories this past year that can’t seem to separate good physicians using orthobiologics and physicians and other clinics who are taking advantage of patients. Let’s dive into a story put out by the Minneapolis Star Tribune this past weekend and venture some guesses as to why this is happening…
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Is This the Truth About Knee Replacement Surgery?

I consulted Dr. Google this morning to find out what it said about knee replacement results. What I found was interesting and disturbing. So what’s the truth about knee replacement surgery? Most people believe that it’s like just going to your mechanic and getting a worn-out part replaced in your car. Is that true? Not…
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Dr. Tami and the Seattle Stem Cell Center Review

What happens when a functional medicine and aesthetic practice begins using minimally invasive procedures to treat a panoply of incurable diseases? That’s what I’ll explore today by using the Seattle Stem Cell Center as an example, but frankly, this issue is so common these days that it could literally be any of hundreds of clinics.…
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A Review of Awakening-A Commercial on Exosomes

When it comes to the stem cell and exosome wild west, I often say that “You can’t make this stuff up”. Case in point is a new 10-minute science fiction infomercial on a real product called “Exo Exosomes”. Who is behind this new short film and yet to be released product?  Let’s dig into what…
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The Vagus Nerve, Neck Pain, Anxiety, Headaches, and Depression

We’ve seen neck pain patients for years with lots of crazy symptoms. Many are anxious or depressed and some have cardiac problems like runs of tachycardia. So what’s causing all of this? Let’s delve into some new research on the vagus nerve. The Vagus Nerve Not all who wander are lost and the vagus nerve—Latin…
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