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A Study, a Professor, PRP and COIs Galore

As I have written previously, you don’t have to look too deep for industry-academic connections in the recent spate of papers all using fake PRP and claiming non-efficacy. This morning we’ll look into the professor at the University of Sydney who published the recent knee OA paper in JAMA. Let’s dig in. Why Are Conflicts…
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Joint Sounds and How Ligaments Respond to Orthobiologics

Some patients with instability experience a mid-point in healing that can cause anxiety. It’s this time when things are tighter, but the number of pops, cracks, and instability episodes can climb rather than go away. So let’s dig into why this is and what’s happening. A Typical Joint Above we have a typical joint with…
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Why Bad PRP Studies Matter: The Katz PRP JAMA Editorial

We’ve seen a rash of bad PRP studies with negative results lately. Given that we have dozens of positive studies showing that PRP works, the average physician might say, “Why is this a big deal?” After all, we physicians are used to scenarios where most of the research is positive with a handful of negative…
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More Fake PRP Studies

I’ve covered a few different “PRP” studies that didn’t actually use real PRP. However, none were as ridiculous as a study that was recently published in JAMA on knee arthritis. Let’s dig in. When is PRP not PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The idea is supposed to be that PRP concentrates platelets many times…
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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s our day to give thanks. So let’s review the history of our modern Thanksgiving and then I’ll discuss what I’m thankful for. Let’s dig in. The History of Our Modern Thanksgiving To read about the actual history of the pilgrims, read this post. In 1777 the Continental Congress declared the first American Thanksgiving holiday…
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Being Thankful For Your Shoes

This is the week to give thanks for all that we have. Today we’ll look at an Olympian who was thankful for two mismatched shoes. Let’s dig in. It’s Almost Hard to Conceptualize the Past in Terms of Today Just a century ago, Americans had far less. Most were thankful for a good pair of…
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The First Thanksgiving

I’m headed out today for a much-needed vacation, so I’ll be blogging quite a bit less this week. However, this morning I thought I would take a break from all of the medical and science stuff and dive into the first Thanksgiving. Let’s dig in. What Is Thanksgiving? You know me, I’m that 12-year-old kid…
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How Another Bad Surgical Orthobiologics Paper Can Teach Us About QC

If there’s one journal that keeps regularly getting it wrong on orthobiologics, it’s the journal Arthroscopy. So let’s dig into a recent paper published in that journal. By understanding why it can’t support its conclusions we’ll learn quite a bit about the quality control of a bone marrow aspiration. Why? Because if you’re a doctor…
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