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COVID Death Rates vs. Car Crashes?

Yesterday I was reading comments by former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb that the pandemic was over. In that same news piece was an infographic on COVID death rates per 100,000. That caused me to look up car crash death rates by state using the same metrics and I wasn’t surprised by the comparison. What did…
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From Stem Cells to the Multi-level Marketing of Diet Patches?

It’s been a while since I have posted on US Stem Cell and its chief scientific officer Kristen Comella. In fact, I would have probably forgotten about her at this juncture if not for a recent widely distributed diet patch email. Let’s dig in. What Is US Stem Cell and Who is Kristen Comella? I’ve…
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Does PRP Work to Treat SI Joint Pain?

The addition of Orthobiologics to Interventional Pain Management changes the playing field, but only if you recognize that these substances allow for a different type of treatment paradigm. Today we’ll highlight a study that shows that issue and go over the evidence behind PRP and SI joint pain. Let’s dig in. What Is the SI…
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TFCC Surgery Issues and Jennifer’s Story

Our opposable thumbs are one of the things that have allowed our brains to get so big. To make that work, there’s a structure you may never have heard of called the TFCC which can become damaged and cause immense pain. When that happens TFCC surgery is often recommended. Is that a good idea? No,…
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New CDC Data on Omicron Says It All: 91% Less Lethal

OK, it’s finally time to officially stop the insanity with Omicron. We had data from South Africa that discussed that it was far less lethal and much more transmissible. The data to date has generally supported those facts. Now a CDC study makes it official. Let’s dive in. The New CDC Data The CDC and…
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Should We Be Adding HA to PRP? A Literature Review

As CMO of Regenexx, it’s my job to stay up to date on the research behind the latest trends in Orthobiologics research. One of those new things is adding common knee gel shots (HA) to PRP to improve knee arthritis results more than PRP alone. So let’s explore the high-level research supporting this idea and…
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What Is Senescence? Why Is It Important?

We all get old. That’s a physical law like gravity. However, some of us do it better than others. Much of that has to do with senescence. What is that and why should you care? Let’s dig in. What Is Senescence? Your body is made up of cells. Those cells eventually get old and die.…
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The Coronavirus Hospital Data Debacle

Way back at the start of the pandemic, the state of Colorado was one of the very few that made a serious change to its reporting of deaths due to COVID. We began reporting how many people had died because of COVID versus with COVID. That was an essential public health decision that the rest…
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