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Is Injecting a Knee Blind Associated with Worse Health Outcomes?

Like a headline from the Onion, I recently read an email describing a big orthopedic surgery conference where a panel was sourced on whether or not you needed ultrasound guidance to inject a knee. While the result of this panel was a LOL moment for many of my colleagues, none of us really knew the…
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MiMedx Reports Results of FDA Trials: Does This Spell Trouble?

Does amniotic tissue help knee arthritis pain? That’s been an open question for some time. Thankfully this question is beginning to get answered by FDA clinical trials, the earliest of which are now beginning to report results. One such report this week could spell trouble for the other half dozen companies involved in knee arthritis…
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PRP Again Beats Steroid and Hyaluronic Acid Shots

PRP for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis has more evidence to support it than knee replacements, but the old guard is having a tough time accepting this new reality. A recent study in an old guard orthopedic journal could change some minds. Let’s review. Definitions Before I begin, we need to define some things: Corticosteroid…
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New Research On Amniotic Injections: ReNu

As I have maintained for years, amniotic tissue may have a role in musculoskeletal treatment, but early sales scams hurt the industry. In the meantime, several companies have begun to pay for clinical trials to see where this stuff may work the best. Today we’ll cover some new data published on a product named ReNu.…
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Does the Season Impact a Bone Marrow Draw?

Several months ago, during one of our weekly Friday Facebook Live events, a patient asked a super interesting question. What did they ask? If the season of your bone marrow draw impacted the recovery of cells. Let’s dig in. BMA 101 A Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) procedure contains your own stem and other cells and…
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Stimwave: Is the Explosion of Stimulator Placement for Chronic Pain Good or Bad?

I write often enough that unless I’m passionate about what goes on the page, it’s hard to keep up. This is one of those blogs that will upset a significant number of my physician readers but because my “Irish is up”, it needs to make it to a blog. The topic is the explosion in…
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Is Chronic Pain Causing You to Make Bad Decisions?

Does the brain control the heart or is it the other way around? Does chronic fight or flight cause people to make bad decisions? This is a critical topic for patients with chronic pain. Let’s dig into some new research that upset what we thought we knew about how the brain works. Tachycardia Tachycardia means…
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Platelet Raisins: Can You Add Prolotherapy and PRP Together?

Many new patients tell me that they’ve gotten a combination of Prolotherapy plus PRP from another clinic. Today we’ll explore why it’s generally a bad practice to add Prolotherapy solution to PRP. Why? Because it makes damaged platelet raisins. To understand that, we’ll learn some basic physical chemistry. Let’s dig in. Defining Terms What Is…
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