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An Update on Sailing Journey and Using Your Soleus to Control Blood Sugar?

It’s been 10 days since I’ve blogged! That’s an eternity in the world of Centeno blogging! However, this is literally the first chunk of free time I’ve had where a blog would fit. Today I’ll update you on my journey and we’ll review a super interesting study on the soleus calf muscle that may change…read more

Should a Scientific or Medical Standard Be Used for SVF Regulation: A Review of the Bernal Decision

The recent Bernal decision on the use of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) by California doctors has thrown the whole cell therapy industry into disarray. In particular, there have been many scientists commenting online or in press releases that the judge got it wrong. So this morning let’s delve into the science behind the decision and…read more

Can Things Like Lyme, Mold, COVID, or Your Diet Destroy Your Ligaments?

It’s not uncommon that I speak to patients on a Telemedicine evaluation who are convinced that Lyme, mold exposure, COVID, or some other environmental trigger caused their ligaments to degenerate. So what do we know about infections and environmental triggers and ligament health? Let’s dive in. Functional Medicine Diagnoses The purpose of this blog isn’t…read more

Cervical Multifidus Muscle Atrophy: A Literature Update

Most patients and many physicians don’t know that we have mounting research that the muscles that stabilize your neck can weaken and this can be easily seen on MRI. Today we’ll go over that research and show patients what this atrophy looks like on their images. Let’s dig in. Spinal Stabilizer Atrophy We’ve known for…read more

My Upcoming Homeric Journey

Two weeks from now, my wife and I will begin a new chapter in our lives. For two 6-week periods a year, I will be a digital nomad, working from a sailboat in the Mederteranian Sea. How did we get here and what does that mean? Let’s dig in. 4 am Days I grew up…read more

California Clinic Chain Wins It’s Case with the FDA: What Implications Will this Have?

A big event happened this week that may shake up what we all thought we knew about the FDA regulation of autologous orthobiologics. Let’s review what happened and how the ruling may change things. Let’s also review the fascinating and long history of the FDA’s regulation over your own tissues. What Just Happened? The court…read more

Steroids for Asthma Now Associated with Brain Atrophy

High-dose corticosteroids are the most commonly used substance in medicine. There are literally hundreds of clinical diagnoses from asthma to joint pain to chronic skin rashes that will cause you to leave a doctor’s office with a steroid shot or prescription. Despite this common use, we’ve known for many decades that these drugs are trouble.…read more

It Begins: How AI Will Make MRI MUCH More Valuable

In the not-too-distant future, AI will change medicine and make radiologists extinct. In fact, several new research studies show that this AI imaging revolution is already quietly happening. Let’s dig in. Current MRI Imaging is Held Back By Having a Human in the Equation Today’s MRI begins with a patient being placed inside a superconducting…read more
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