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The Sordid Tale of the “World’s Most Advanced” Regen Med Procedures

I’m a pretty outspoken critic of “stem cell” clinics that make claims they can’t prove or go well beyond what’s medically reasonable. Most of the time, I call out a chiropractic or naturopath-run clinic, but sometimes clinics run by physicians make what are, in my opinion, crazy claims. A few years back, I called out…read more

Is Procaine the New Ropivacaine? Reviewing New PRP Data

How a physician uses local anesthetics with orthobiologics is a great way to spot a novice who may be destroying the positive effects of the treatment. For the past decade, Ropivacaine has been the king of this anesthetic hill among those few physicians who understand how to maximize patient outcomes. However, a colleague sent me…read more

Blogging From the Caymans Again

As you know, several times a year, I take select patients to our licensed Grand Cayman site to treat those patients with culture-expanded stem cells. However, this trip I’d like to not only once again tell you why, but also spend some time explaining why this Cayman site is unique in the world. Let me…read more

New Study of Many Cell Therapies Versus Steroid Yields Interesting Results

We’re entering a time where we will continue to see large, high-quality studies published in orthobiologics. This has been happening in the PRP world for the last half-decade or more, but it is also about to happen in the world of bone marrow, adipose stromal vascular fraction, and umbilical cord stem cells. Another entry in…read more

Are They Really Injecting Your Disc?

I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. One of the more interesting scams out there is a proliferation of ex-US “stem cell” clinics that are telling patients that they are injecting intervertebral discs when, in fact, most are never coming close to placing cells in the disc. Let’s dive into this…read more

I’ve Returned and So Apparently Are the Neck Multifidus Muscles after Exercise!

I’ve been out for six weeks sailing the Med. It was another great trip and a much-needed break for an old guy! Today, let’s cover a new study that shows that cervical multifidus muscle atrophy can be recovered with exercise. Getting Back If you recall, we are on a four-year journey to sail the Mediterranean,…read more

My Third Big Journey in the Med

As you may recall, I have been taking two 6-week periods to work remotely in the Mediterranean Sea while sailing between coastal cities. This Friday marks my third such trip. Hence, I thought I would update my readers. What Am I Doing and Why? Sometime during the crazy pandemic, I decided to buy a sailboat…read more

Exosomes (Extracellular Vesicles) vs. PRP Used for Treating Orthopedic Problems

A few patients have been asking about using exosomes or extra-cellular vesicles to treat their aches and pains. As an expert in this space, knowing what I know about the research, this request doesn’t make sense. Hence, I wanted to educate everybody about this issue today. Let’s dig in. Facebook Hype Abounds The exosome hype…read more
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