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Regenexx Scores Yet Another Patent

At Regenexx we innovate. That’s what we’ve been doing for 15 years. Because of that innovation, this past week the USPTO awarded us yet another patent. Regenexx 15 Years You may have noticed that our logo changed this year. Why? Because we’ve been at this for 15 years. Think about that for a second. In…
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The Passion of Paul Knoepfler-A Review of the Niche Blog

This is a blog a decade or more in the making. It’s about a university bench scientist and an out of control wild west stem cell space. Like all good stories, it’s protagonist is neither savior nor villain, as the truth is always somewhere in between. This blog post is written from the point of…
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How Does Muscle Recovery Work?

You may think you know how muscle recovery works, but things like creatine and rest are just the basics. There’s new research that shows it’s a bit more complex and interesting. Let’s dig in. Scarring and Fatty Degeneration There are two things that can happen to muscles during muscle recovery that cause big problems: scarring…
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Building an Organization: The IOF 2020 Recap

I just finished IOF 2020 and it was a fantastic two days. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite take-homes from day 1, as I have to say that I picked up a few pointers that will be immediately be used in the clinic and a few new clinical and lab research projects were…
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Regenexx Network Conference 2020

The Regenexx national conference was yesterday. What’s that? We now have about 70 sites around the US and a number of international sites and all of those physicians come together. Let’s dig in. What is the Regenexx National Conference? Once a year we bring together our network physicians and their staff to make sure everyone…
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A Review of the CharaCore Third Party Testing: An Altered Lab Report

I always say that you can’t make this stuff up. This past week I got sent what appeared to be independent third party testing on CharaCore, an umbilical cord product. After a little digging, it turns out the report isn’t worth the digital paper it’s written on. Let me explain. What Is ChareCore? I’ve blogged…
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Advanced Medical Integration and Grant Cardone

Advanced Medical Integration came on my radar about a year ago. I’ve written about many players in the chiropractic “stem cell” world and all are pretty much the same. However, AMI wants to be different which somehow involves best selling author Grant Cardone, so are they? Regrettably, in my opinion, they represent the same bait…
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What is Super Concentrated Platelets? Better PRP Injections

We have always done PRP injections very differently. Why? This difference is based on the lab data we’ve observed for many years. Let’s dig into those differences and that data and in the process learn about SCP. What Is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This is concentrated blood platelets in the patient’s own plasma.…
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