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Looking for a New Cayman Physician, Moneyball, and Dinosaurs

Youtube is always interesting as it constantly feeds you more of what you want to see. It’s sort of taken over Netflix and Amazon for me because of that feature. This morning it served me one of my favorite scenes from Moneyball which happened to coincide with helping our Cayman affiliate find a full-time physician.…read more

Traditional Medicine’s Approach to Treating Knee Arthritis is Blowing Up

Three new studies have recently been added to many others that our current traditional treatment of knee arthritis is probably hurting more people than it’s helping. So let’s explore this morning what’s up. Let’s also explore how you can protect yourself from the medical care system potentially making your arthritis worse. What are the Most…read more

Fluoroscopy vs Ultrasound for Orthobiologic Spine Procedures

One of the more interesting debates from the past 5 years has been the use of fluoroscopy versus ultrasound guidance in advanced spinal injections. This one gets physicians emotional, as many believe that they can now offer patients the same type of injections using only an ultrasound machine when compared to x-ray guidance. So let’s…read more

Is the FDA Umbilical Cord Game Plan Clear? An Invitrx Update

Many watchers of the illegal selling of fake umbilical cord “MSC” products have been asking what’s up? We’re long past the FDA discretionary period and not much seems to have happened except for a bunch of letters that were sent in 2020 and 2021. However, if you look at the FDA correspondence on these issues,…read more

Is Bone Marrow Concentrate a Shoulder Rotator Cuff Fixer?

This week a Mayo Clinic registry-based study came out suggesting that bone marrow concentrate injections reduced shoulder rotator cuff surgery retear rates. Let’s look at that data in the context of what else has been published and investigate what we know about this treatment in shoulders. Let’s dig in. What Is Bone Marrow Concentrate? Can’t…read more

The Regen Med Engineering Flowchart

I was checking out Facebook this morning and this flowchart came up. Not only did I LOL, but since it reminded me of the one we use for advanced RegenMed and since 99% of practicing physicians still haven’t figured this out, if you as a patient or physician understand it, you’re ahead of the game.…read more

Dead Lifts and Spondylolisthesis

If there is one exercise recommended by personal trainers that causes more back injuries than any other, it’s a deadlift. I have literally treated dozens of patients through the years who can track the start of a serious low back injury to this exercise. This week I saw two of these patients with one who…read more

Blogging from the Caymans Again

Twice a year now, I head down to Grand Cayman to treat patients with culture-expanded stem cells. Why make this trip? What’s different? Let’s dig in. What are Culture Expanded Stem Cells? There are stem cells in bone marrow concentrate which we use widely in the United States to help patients heal from a variety…read more
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