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Understanding the What and the Why…

The hardest thing for patients is to understand the difference between What and Why. This means the problem and the cause. So let’s dig into this issue. Bad Medicine Is All About the Problem The “what” is the problem that the doctor is presented with. Let me give a few examples of “what”: Tight neck…
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A Much Needed Family Vacation and a Twain Quote

It’s family vacation week for me, so I will leave you with a Mark Twain quote. I have also prepared some blogs that will publish this week. What this Quote Means to Me My whole medical career has been avoiding the majority. In orthopedic care, that’s turned out to be a good place to be.…
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Reversing Age Related Memory Decline by Fixing Brain Cartilage?

Most of us get “Senior Moments” as we age. You know the moments when you just can’t seem to recall that name or factoid like you used to. So what causes this and can it be completely reversed? Well, it may have something to do with “cartilage” in the brain. Let’s dive in. The Scaffolding…
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Low Dose Naltrexone and Anesthesia

Over the last 5 years, there has been a HUGE trend towards treating chronic pain patients with what’s called low dose Naltrexone. While some patients find this helpful, it presents a challenge for interventionists like myself, as the increased anesthesia requirements for these patients enhance the risk of procedures. So let’s explore what’s happening and…
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The Evidence Supporting Common Orthopedic Surgeries Is AWFUL

I’ve been blogging on the evidence base behind orthopedic surgery for years and I’ve taken HUGE amounts of flak from a handful of orthopedic surgeons who don’t like my approach. Now a new British Medical Journal study confirms what I’ve been saying for the last decade-plus, common orthopedic surgeries have embarrassingly poor evidence. Let’s dig…
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Is Altered Carbon Coming True?

I’m a big sci-fi guy and one of my favorite recent shows is called Altered Carbon on Netflix. It posits a future where bodies are grown. Now a new stem cell study is doing something similar with mice. Let’s dig in. Altered Carbon These are Richard Morgan books that were made into a Netflix series…
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Add a Nurse, Make Big Bucks

A key lynchpin in the ongoing chiropractic stem cell scam is the nurse practitioner. Without them, most of these scams couldn’t exist. So let’s explore this phenomenon of how nurses ended up facilitating unethical chiropractors in violating FDA guidelines and scamming patients. Let’s dig in. What is a Nurse Practitioner? One of the things I…
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NSAIDs, Optum, and the Future of Real World Data

NSAIDs are medications that you can buy at the grocery store that reduce inflammation. However, they have serious issues that are beginning to be recognized by health insurance groups. However, that represents a much bigger trend that will reshape healthcare as we know it. Let’s dig in. NSAID Problems NSAID stands for Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug.…
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