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What Is Differentiation, Dedifferentiation, and Transdifferentiation?

There are a few critical things you need to know about stem cells that most doctors and patients considering them don’t know. That’s how differentiation, dedifferentiation, and transdifferentiation work. Let’s dig in! Stem Cells 101 Stem cells are present everywhere in our bodies and act as repairmen. You can’t go a day without damaging your…
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Stretching the Skin Activates Stem Cells that Make New Skin

Stem cells live all over our bodies. They maintain and repair our bodies and do so many other things. Now a new study shows that they help our skin grow and adjust to our bodies. Let’s dig in. Stem Cells and Life Stem cells are all over our bodies. If you’re alive, your stem cells…
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What Are Peptides?

I have been bombarded this past year with questions about peptides. What are peptides? What are they used for? Do I recommend them to my patients? So let’s dig in on this topic. What Are Peptides? Peptides are merely small fragments of proteins. Basically, they are a compound consisting of two or more amino acids,…
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Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain? Many Different Types

When our clinic first injected stem cells into low back discs in 2005/6, there was no textbook as to how this should be done. Frankly, sitting here writing this a decade later there is still no textbook, just a collection of weekend courses now shut down due to COVID. So today I’d like to let…
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Should FDA Be Going After Chiro Stem Cell Consultants Like Drug Dealers?

Last year I blogged on David Singer, a chiropractic consultant who was telling chiropractors how they could make big bucks by adding “stem cell” injections to their practice. You would think that after being called on the proverbial carpet for misleading people about what he was selling that he would have changed his ways. Nope,…
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Shoulder Pain at Night? What Causes This Problem?

As a physician who sees patients with shoulder pain, one of the more common complaints I hear is shoulder pain at night. What causes this issue? What can be done about it? Let’s dig in. Shoulder Anatomy 101 The shoulder is a shallow ball and socket joint which is surrounded by a capsule with ligaments…
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How to Commit Billing Fraud by Injecting Amniotic Products 101

While the single biggest medical scam of the 21st century to date is clinics that offer umbilical cord “stem cell” therapy and instead inject dead cells, a close second is the mounting billing fraud happening in amniotic injections used to treat arthritis. Right now, we likely have hundreds of physician offices risking federal prison time…
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More Research that Steroid Shots for Knee Arthritis Are Bad News

There has been a slew of studies these past few years showing that injecting a knee with steroids is a really bad idea. However, this continues to be the number one injection-based therapy offered to patients with knee arthritis. Now a new study adds more fuel to the idea that these shots are causing way…
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