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A Deep Dive into the Data Supporting the Use of Mfat in MSK Disorders

One of my day jobs is the Chief Medical Officer of Regenexx, hence I must know what’s been published on every possible technology we could use to help our patients. One of those is called MFat. What’s been published and how does that compare to technologies like PRP? Let’s dig in. What is MFat? MFat…read more

Can You Treat Thoracic Pain with Orthobiologics?

The thoracic spine lives between your neck (cervical spine) and lower back (lumbar spine). It’s where all of your ribs attach and it causes upper and mid back pain in lots of patients but is rarely treated. Why? Let’s dig into that today. Let me tell you a story from my practice that illustrates the…read more

The Explosion of the Regenexx Network and Corporate Program

I have stated many times that one of my career goals was to make interventional orthobiologics the standard of care for orthopedic injuries and problems. That’s a big boulder to push uphill that for me began in 2005. Two things that need to happen to make that goal real are to get people trained at…read more

An Exosome Sales Pitch: Separating Fact from Fiction

I often blog about what I see out there or what people send me. In this case, an exosome sales rep recently hit up a physician colleague. Let’s dive into what the rep wrote and said and debunk many of these claims. Sales Reps You can divide sales reps into two categories. The first is…read more

Why a PA Getting Hit with 240 Years in Jail is Just the Beginning

If you read this blog, you know that I have previously covered the ongoing ridiculous saga of fake birth tissue stem cells and the billing of these products to Medicare. This past week, the first shoe to drop in the ongoing criminal investigation into that activity happened, with a Physician’s Assistant getting tagged with a…read more

Do IV “Stem Cells” Make Sense for Orthopedic Problems?

Many clinics are offering IV “stem cells” to treat orthopedic problems. Does this make sense? No. Please share this infographic with your friends or family who are considering these treatments!
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