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New Research on Eye Movement and Memory May Impact Chronic Neck Pain Patients

Exactly how we create memories has always been an evolving science. Now a new research study pulls back the curtain on a really interesting part of the puzzle involving eye movements. In fact, this new data may explain why many patients with chronic upper neck pain have brain fog and memory issues. Let’s dig in.…
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More Research on How Bone Marrow Is Collected Is Critical

Any expert in any field can easily pull back the curtain on how the sausages in that field are made. What I mean is that any field sufficiently complex to need experts has a huge number of variables that determine the quality of the end product. The same rules apply to interventional orthobiologics. There are…
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Why Concentration Matters in Orthobiologics: My Recent TOBI Presentation

Dose is a critical concept in medicine. In fact, a doctor who doesn’t know the dose of medication he injects into your body would lose a medical license. However, for far too long, we’ve allowed physicians practicing orthobiologic procedures to inject these products without knowing the dose. Our recent research and papers published by others…
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Regenexx Corporate Updates: 169,902 and 1,904

Regenexx is the world’s largest specialist-driven orthobiologics network. We’re also almost two decades old. The most exciting thing that’s happened in these past few years is that we continue to add more “corporate overage”. What’s that and why is that important? Let’s dive in. What is Regenexx? Regenexx is an invitation-only, specialist-driven medical network that…
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PRP for Epicondylitis: When Simple Won’t Cut It

We’re now seeing more and more orthopedic surgery offices adding platelet-rich plasma, which is great. However, at the same time, this now presents a new dilemma for patients. Why? Most of the PRP injections being offered in that setting are simple procedures that often miss the mark. Let’s use an elbow epicondylitis example today of…
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What Does Treating Hip AVN without Surgery Have to Do with the History of Orthobiologics?

Many of the advanced interventional orthobiologics procedures currently used in peripheral joints and spine were developed by our Colorado HQ. That led to the creation of the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation (IOF) which has continued to teach and evolve these breakthrough procedures. However, one procedure that we didn’t develop is the precise x-ray-guided injection of bone…
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Carpal Tunnel Release and Wrist Instability

I was on a telemedicine visit with a physician-patient and he brought up that he regretted his carpal tunnel release because that caused an unstable and arthritic wrist. So is this a thing? Does carpal tunnel release cause wrist arthritis? Let’s dig in. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Since carpal tunnel release is the treatment…
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Want to Live Longer? New Research Says Do These Simple Things…

Given the hundreds of billions spent every year on supplements and various “anti-aging” treatments we’re all fighting father time. In a way, that’s also what I do at Regenexx, focus on how to keep aging musculoskeletal systems going without big, life-altering surgeries. However, are there some really simple things you can do to cheat death?…
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