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Bring Confident in Your ACL Repair May Not Be a Good Thing

ACL reconstruction surgery is one of the most common orthopedic surgical techniques in use today. However, while most patients believe that getting a torn ACL “fixed” is just like getting a bad part in your car replaced, the truth is a bit more complicated. Now a new study shows that athletes with high confidence in…
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What Is a Dural Leak?

We’ve seen many patients through the years with chronic dural leaks. What is that? How is a dural leak diagnosed? Can it be treated? Let’s dig in. What Is a Dural Leak? The dura is the covering of the spinal cord and nerve roots. It forms a sac of sorts that contains cerebrospinal fluid (CSF),…
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Three Disappearing PhDs?

As you may recall, I have blogged about a naturopath who, based on what I found, has faked academic credentials and who has advertised himself as the world’s smartest human. That same naturopath was also performing dangerous “stem cell” injections into people’s necks. The good news is that the Montana board has finally decided to…
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More Information that High Dose Steroids Are Bad News for Joints

One of the most common orthopedic interventions on earth that collectively occurs more times than any other is a steroid injection into a joint. However, we know that these simple procedures harm joints. Despite that, they are still used millions of times each year. Now new research shows that a steroid injection before a meniscectomy…
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Pain News Network Piece on Recent Pew Stem Cell Article

A recent article from the Pew Charitable Trusts claimed that stem cell treatments had a high complication rate. The paper they relied on was a serious piece of junk that I rebutted last week, but I also thought that I would highlight the opinion of a patient advocate published recently in Pain News Network. The…
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US Stem Cell Loses Appeal

US Stem Cell has been featured many times on this blog. In an unsurprising move, an appeals court just upheld a lower court decision on the concept that adipose stromal vascular fraction prepared in a doctor’s office is a drug that can be regulated by the FDA. This ruling also contains an interesting easter egg…
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Do Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments Really Have High Complication Rates?

Part of my job is looking at what’s being published in the world of orthopedic autologous cell therapies. Most of the time there is a steady flow of research supporting the safety and efficacy of various types of therapies and some research that doesn’t support this or that clinical application. However, every once in a…
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What’s Best? Exercise in the Morning or Evening?

This is an age-old debate. Some people love beginning their day with exercise. Others can’t do that and get it done at night. Now a new study weighs in on this debate that concludes that for blood sugar control, one is better than the other. Let’s dig in. The Debate I’ve tried several times to…
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