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The Stiffness of Stem Cells Turns Out to Be a Big Deal…

Because our cells are smaller than we can see with the naked eye, ideas like cell stiffness seem foreign to us. However, it turns out that if a stem cell is stiff or squishy plays a major role in how it functions in the body. This morning we’ll dive into some new research that shows…
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Can the Organelles in Our Cells Get Injured? Mitochondrial Rescue

You know that your body has organs and that these can be injured by trauma. But did you know that your cells have organs that can be damaged the same way? Today I’ll review a new field of stem cell biology that may well form the basis for why some of our existing treatments work…
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Do Someone Else’s Stem Cells Cause a Rejection Response?

One of the rock-solid assumptions of an entire industry of donor stem cell companies seeking FDA approval is the idea that stem cells are immune privileged. This is a fancy way of stating that someone’s stem cells when injected or implanted in your body cause no immune response. However, as I’ve blogged before, there have…
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The Knee Stem Cell Reserve: Keeping It Topped Up

I’ve been snapping slides while at the Havemeyer CSU symposium that catch my eye and this is a great one. Above you’ll see a summary of all of the areas where the stem and progenitor cells live in the knee. Even though I’ve read most of these studies before, seeing it all in one place…
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Is ACL Surgery a Second Hit to the Joint Cartilage?

I’ve blogged before on the idea that we now have high-level evidence that suggests ACL surgery itself is harming the joint. While at the Havemeyer Symposium (think tank) at CSU, one of the physician-scientists presented an interesting slide that supports this idea. Let me explain. The Prior Research As I have reported previously, data from…
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CSU Havemeyer Symposium on Orthobiologics

I’m at the CSU Havemeyer Symposium on orthobiologics this morning. This marks the opening of the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute (TMI). How does all of this intersect with what I do? Our Work with CSU Way back when in 2004, I wanted to begin using mesenchymal stem cells to treat our patients with…
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What’s the Difference Between PRP and Platelet Lysate?

One of the reasons I blog is to make sure that almost every possible question a patient could ask is covered by a detailed answer. This week a patient commented on one of my old YouTube videos on platelet lysate, not fully understanding how it was different than PRP and what it’s used to treat.…
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Can PRP Help Early Hip Arthritis Patients Avoid Surgery?

There’s a new concept that gets introduced with regenerative medicine. That’s the idea that we can reduce degeneration in early arthritis or intervene early in tendon and ligament injuries. We’ve done that for our patients for many years, but we’re now beginning to see the research catch up. This morning I’ll review a new study…
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