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Treating the Cervical Spine Like It’s 1999!

If you read this blog, you know I often write as a type of catharsis. I see something in our medical care system that seems so nutty that if I don’t write about it, I’ll explode. This morning, a poor, dizzy patient in Australia was being treated like he lived in the last century, not…read more

What Happens to Umbilical Cord IV Stem Cells in the Lungs? It’s NOT Pretty

One of the most common delivery methods for stem cells is intravenous (IV). However, this seems to have been chosen more because it’s easy for the clinic than because it’s the best way to deliver stem cells. Today, I will discuss a new study and review why IV stem cell infusions remain problematic. In particular,…read more

2024 Update on Interventional Orthobiologics Studies and Product Pipelines

Interventional orthobiologics research continues to advance at a furious pace. Last year, I published a blog that attempted to look ahead a bit at studies and products that may be available and posited a timeline for when that could happen. This year, I went deeper to search product studies/FDA trials and some key research studies…read more

Stem Cell Institute of America Loses FTC Case

If you have read this blog for years, you probably remember Stem Cell Institute of America. They were a chiro clinic that bombed the airwaves across the country, selling miracle cure “stem cell” treatments offered at chiropractic offices by midlevels. A new entry has been logged in that saga, with the FTC winning its case…read more

Another New Study Says PRP Dose Is Critical: Why We Have ALWAYS Used High Dose PRP

Physicians who read the orthobiologics literature and follow the latest and greatest have caught onto a message I’ve been delivering for almost two decades. The most critical aspect of PRP is the dose and concentration of platelets delivered to the patient. A new study published last week adds more fuel to that fire. Let’s dig…read more

Is Adding HA to PRP for Knee OA Worth the Cost?

One of my jobs at Regenexx is ensuring that our corporate partners spend insurance money wisely on orthobiologics. Basically, the money they’re spending is helping patients avoid more expensive procedures. One of the more popular add-ons to PRP is hyaluronic acid (HA). Is this worth the additional cost? If it makes PRP better, how much…read more
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