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Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

There is no shortage of clinics out there offering stem cell therapy. How much does stem cell therapy cost? How much is too much? Are you getting what you pay for? Let’s dig in. Types of Treatments Our focus here on stem cell therapy cost is for orthopedic procedures as that’s our area of expertise…
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Can You help Rheumatoid Arthritis by Stimulating Nerves?

The idea that nerve problems and arthritis go hand in hand has been evolving in the research literature for the last decade or more. However, this is not something you often hear about as a patient with arthritis. Now a new study sheds some interesting light on how nerve stimulation may one day help rheumatoid…
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Can the ACL Grow Back? Getting a Collegiate Athlete’s ACL to Heal

We began treating ACL tears using x-ray guidance and high-dose bone marrow concentrate back in 2011 before anyone else was performing that procedure and frankly before anyone else was doing much of anything with bone marrow concentrate. Early on I had to answer the question for myself, “Can the ACL grow back?” Meaning that despite…
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Is Surgery Necessary for a Torn Meniscus? More Research

Is surgery necessary for a torn meniscus? The answer, based on the research, is now clear. If you’re over age 35, the most common surgery used to treat a torn meniscus called partial meniscectomy is useless. Now new research out of Johns Hopkins quantifies the massive scale of the epidemic of ineffective knee meniscus surgeries…
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How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic: Who, What, Where, When, and How

Dear readers, this is a new little book I wrote last weekend while on the plane back from Grand Cayman. You can also download a PDF here.  I take for granted that since I’ve been performing orthopedic stem cell procedures since 2005 and since I was one of the first doctors on earth to do…
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A Regulators Guide to Taking Down the Stem Cell Wild West

I often write about the “Stem Cell Wild West”, which is made up of clinics with little expertise who usually purchase off the shelf, dead birth tissue products, claim that these contain millions of stem cells in aggressive “buy now and save” seminars, and then charge the elderly way too much for way too little.…
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Is All That Hand Washing Causing Osteoporosis?

We’ve all been told to wash our hands. As a doctor, I have to do it many more times a day than the average person. However, what if the soap we use has agents in it that are making us sick? Today we’ll review one called Triclosan. What is Triclosan? The Food and Drug Administration…
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A New Way Clinic Stem Cell Review

I get contacted all the time with interesting stuff and this morning I woke up to a flyer from an acupuncture clinic in Portland, Oregon called “A New Way Clinic”. I’d like to review the accuracy of what was claimed in seminars about the “stem cell” procedures being offered and the flyer. So let’s dig…
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