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Regenexx Interventional Orthopedics Articles

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Our Hip Arthroscopy Palooza Isn’t Going So Well

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience as a doctor. This week a patient came in after Hip Arthroscopy asking if she should get a hip stem cell injection. I was appalled that nobody ever bothered to tell her that her surgery was highly likely to have…
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Digging the Hole Deeper and Deeper: Biolabs Fluid Flow

One thing I learned many years ago as a young doctor was that you don’t mess with Medicare billing. It’s literally like kryptonite to every medical practice or hospital. No matter how big you are, if you screw up or worse yet, purposefully bill Medicare for things that you shouldn’t, the feds will take you…
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What Is Osteitis Pubis? Can It be Fixed?

Osteitis Pubis is a great way for us to learn about how the SI joint and pelvic ring works. What is Osteitis Pubis? Why should you care? Let’s dig in. What Is Osteitis Pubis? In order to learn about Osteitis Pubis, we first need to learn about the pelvic ring and the symphysis pubis (1).…
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Being a Research Leader – Correcting Bad Conclusions

Regenexx has been a leader in orthobiologics research ever since our first publication on mesenchymal stem cells in 2006. Most of the time that means that we publish our research findings, but sometimes that also means correcting bad research that gets published. Given that we just had the second type of publication in the prestigious…
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What Is Hypoxic Culture? What Does It Do?

What is stem cell culture? Hypoxic culture? Why should you care? Let’s dig in. What Is Stem Cell Culture? Stem cells can be grown to bigger numbers in culture (ideal growing conditions in an incubator). We’ve been doing this since 2005, so we have a fair bit of experience. This past decade this has been…
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Major Medicare CAC Meeting on Amniotic for Orthopedic Use

As I’ve been writing for some time now, Medicare has now caught up to the dangerous game being sold by sales reps that physicians can bill Medicare for amniotic products used to treat orthopedic indications. As concrete proof of that, we have a major Medicare CAC meeting coming up in a few weeks on this…
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Taking Vitamins for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Can taking vitamins or supplements help a rotator cuff tear? Can not taking them make things worse? A colleague sent me a paper on vitamin B12 and rotator cuff tears so I decided to take a deeper dive. Let’s dig in. Rotator Cuff Tears Your rotator cuff is the complex of muscles and tendons that…
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Should Naturopaths Be Able to Perform Complex Spinal Procedures?

I’ve covered this issue a few times on this blog. We have naturopaths with limited medical training who are performing complex interventional spine and surgical procedures. As I have reviewed their practice acts, IMHO many are violating these acts, but the medical boards that could stop this are asleep at the wheel. Let’s dig in.…
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