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It’s Ask Dr. C Time Again!

Every so often I ask my readers to place questions in the comments for me to answer in a longer format. Meaning that while I answer comments all the time, that’s in a short format. Ask Dr. C questions are those that generally apply to many people interested in regenerative medicine. On these questions, I…
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What’s Up with the COVID Death Counts?

The last time I blogged on all-cause mortality was back in December. Back then I said that I would wait until mid-January to get a sense of how the end-of-year data shook out. Well, we’re there, so this weekend I downloaded the CDC data again into Excel. What did I find? Something that suggests that…
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What Is Eagle Syndrome?

Eagle syndrome has been a hot topic among some patients lately. Why? Many have symptoms that are similar to those with this syndrome. So what is Eagle syndrome? What can be done to treat it? Let’s dig in. What Is Eagle Syndrome? Eagle syndrome was first described in 1949. It can happen when a bone…
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Do You Want to Buy a Placenta?

I’ve covered the shady world of birth tissue “stem cell” clinics and tissue suppliers many times. However, a new guide out for expectant mothers covers the procurement of these tissues. As I dug deeper into how that works, I found non-profits acting like for-profits. Let’s dig in. The Birth Tissue Game You’re a new mother…
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The Natural Medicine Industry Has an Anti-Vaccine Problem

When I blogged about why I was getting vaccinated, I frankly had no sense of how big the anti-vaxxer community had become. Since then I’ve been privy to all sorts of crazy theories of what the vaccine will do and have been pointed to some of the articles on natural health websites that support those…
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Cellaxys: Buffing Your Resume-Stem Cell Edition

This morning I’d like to review the world of resume buffing that happens with stem cell clinics. While I’ll focus on a clinic called Cellaxys, the issues described here are not unique to that clinic as they occur throughout the Internet. Let’s dig in. Hype in Marketing There’s a scene in Elf where Will Ferrell…
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Coronavirus and Immunity

After someone has had COVID-19, are they immune, and if so, for how long? That’s a huge question that will determine how soon we can reopen the world. Now a new research study hopefully answers this question. Understanding Your Immune System Your immune system is an amazing nanomachine. Given that our bodies are walking Petri…
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Stem Cell Procedure Quality: How Would You Know?

So you want to avoid surgery? How do you make sure that the doctors you chose are delivering high-quality Interventional Orthobiologic care? Let’s dive into what we do at Regenexx so that you can see how much there is to know and how much likely goes wrong out there outside of our network. Interventional Orthobiologics…
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