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Can PRP Injected Around Nerves Cause Serious Scar Tissue?

Anyone reading this blog knows I like to write about my daily experience. This week I got a call from a physician acting as an expert witness on a malpractice case against a physician who injected PRP into the scalene muscle. The argument made by the patient’s attorney is that since PRP can be pro-inflammatory,…read more

Blogging from the Caymans Again

I’m back in Grand Cayman, which I do twice a year to treat some of my patients with more advanced culture-expanded mesenchymal stem cells. What’s that about? Let’s dig in. What are Culture Expanded Mesenchymal Stem Cells? I use bone marrow concentrate in the United States, which contains the patient’s mesenchymal stem cells. However, in…read more

Upcoming Clinical Trials for Interventional Orthobiologics

Interventional orthobiologics is a field that’s gaining momentum every day. While legit players right now in the United States are sticking to things that are FDA compliant, like PRP, BMC, and MFat, several FDA clinical trials are winding their way through the system. This morning’s blog focuses on the ones I can find and invites…read more

Umbilical Cord “Stem Cells”, Harry Aldeson, and the Business of Medicine

I’ve blogged several times about an ND in Utah named Harry Adelson. Harry, IMHO, has always pushed the edge of the regenerative medicine space, not in a good way. I was recently forwarded an advertising email sent by his Docere Clinic that caught my attention because it makes the same claim that our lab and…read more

Marrow Cellutions and the Regen Med IQ Test

Regenerative medicine and interventional orthobiologics are interesting because there is no standardized education for these topics in 99% of the residencies or fellowships. This creates an information vacuum that smart sales reps and device manufacturers can manipulate because they’re often where providers get their education. So today, I’ll challenge patients and providers with a Regen…read more

Here’s Another Video: How Can We Treat a Growing Cervical Disc Bulge?

I’m on a roll with videos, so I’ll go with it. This is one of Dr. Pitt’s patients who did well with a PRP based functional spinal unit approach rather than cutting out the bulging disc in his neck:

A Video Blog on Neck and Back Surgery Causing Instability

I saw a patient this week who has evidence of severe neck and back instability due to surgery. The issues were better explained with a video than a blog, so here’s that video case presentation:

Playing “The Spread” with Birth Tissues: Organogenesis as a Cautionary Tale

Healthcare billing can be complex. IMHO, one of the dodgier things I have highlighted on this blog about the recent Medicare birth tissue billing scams was the concept of a reimbursement spread. Now we have more information on this potentially illegal practice in a class action lawsuit filed by the investors in a birth tissue…read more
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