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Can a $99 UVC Wand From Amazon Provide COVID-Free Travel?

As many readers know, we have been using UVC light to provide an extra coronavirus sterilization step for exam rooms and to add yet another layer of protection for our patients. One of my patients recently bought a $99 UVC wand off Amazon and asked during a Facebook Live if it would work to sterilize…
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Steroid Shot Side Effects: Steroid Injections are BAD NEWS

Traditional medicine has a secret addiction that’s hurting patients. Like the addict who just can’t stop, it needs a serious intervention. What are physicians addicted to? Steroids shots that are reimbursed by insurance but that are making patients worse. So let’s dive into steroid shot side effects and find out what all of the traditional…
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Will The Real Coronavirus Death Toll Please Stand Up?

The actual number of people who have died due to coronavirus is a critical number that determines both the direction of public health policy and tens of trillions of dollars of excess spending. Hence, it’s likely the single most important number we’re tracking, perhaps even more important than cases. However, there are all sorts of…
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Can We Now Stop The Anti Antibody Hysteria?

Your body fights infections with antibodies just as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. There are extremely few exceptions, but despite this, the media has played with the mass hysteria idea that somehow this virus was different and wouldn’t cause the body to produce antibodies. Why? To sell more eyeballs to advertisers. Now…
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Does Your Face Mask Fit Right to Protect You? Probably Not…

This week we introduced N-95 masks in our Colorado office as well as the HEPA filtration masks we had already 3D printed. Given the almost mythical status granted to the N-95 mask during the pandemic, I expected to be utterly impressed. However, it soon became clear that my mine didn’t work. My first clue on…
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Deltoid Ligament Injury

While most of us have heard of an outside ankle sprain, can you also have problems with the inside ankle ligaments? That’s called deltoid ligament injury and let’s dive into what happens and how to treat that problem without surgery. What Is The Deltoid Ligament? Your ankle has ligaments on the outside and the inside.…
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Using Birth Tissues to Treat COVID-19? Injecting a Cytokine Storm

Many providers who use orthobiologics have used various birth tissues to try to help patients heal orthopedic injuries. However, many have also discovered that they’re a two-edged sword. On the one hand, they can enhance healing but on the other, they can also stoke serious inflammation. Now some providers are advocating their use to treat…
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Sterilizing Exam Rooms with DIY UVC Light: Part 1

[For part 2 of this blog which details testing and validation, see ] Necessity is the mother of invention. All physicians and hospitals are faced with challenges during this pandemic and one of those is making sure that the exam rooms we use are sterilized between patients. Hence this morning I’d like to go…
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