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Is Adding HA to PRP for Knee OA Worth the Cost?

One of my jobs at Regenexx is ensuring that our corporate partners spend insurance money wisely on orthobiologics. Basically, the money they’re spending is helping patients avoid more expensive procedures. One of the more popular add-ons to PRP is hyaluronic acid (HA). Is this worth the additional cost? If it makes PRP better, how much…read more

PRP Concentration vs. Dose: Why Concentration Is as Important as Dose

If you read this blog, you know I often write about what I experience daily. This past weekend an orthopedic surgeon on Linkedin promoted test tube PRP at 3-4X concentration. Like others I have seen, his focus was on the total dose delivered to a knee and not on the concentration. Meaning he posited that…read more

In Memorium Greg Lutz: We Lost Another Great One This Week

This has been a tough few months for the Interventional Orthobiologics field. First, we lost Arnie Caplan, and now, this week, Greg Lutz. I knew Greg well, as he was one of my favorite people in this field. Let me share with you the Greg Lutz I knew. Meeting Greg I first met Greg around…read more

Setting an Ethical Framework for Preventative Orthobiologics

Anyone practicing legit high-level Interventional Oorthobiologics (IO) has had the experience of a patient asking to have an area or body part treated just because that patient has some degenerative changes on imaging but no symptoms. As a field, I would argue that we are the first physicians in history to begin addressing this dilemma…read more

Blogging From the Caymans One Last Time

It’s hard to believe that about 15 years ago, I began seeing patients in Grand Cayman several times a year and that this is my last trip. Not that the Cayman advanced treatment site will be any worse for wear. In fact, the Cayman site is about to get a big upgrade with a CSC…read more

Placental “Stem Cells” and The State of Utah vs the FDA

There’s a battle brewing based on a new stem cell law that looks likely to pass in Utah. You can bet that this will result in the FDA getting involved and ignoring this new state law. It’s also reasonable to assume that this law will get quoted as the main ammunition to support that Utah…read more
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