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Stem Cells and Severe Ankle Arthritis: A Nepal Trekker Gets Her Hike Back

I see great stories from patients who we’ve treated with interventional orthobiologics all day, but I tend to write about the ones that surprise me. This is the story of a truly crazy path to recovery that begins in Nepal, circles through Grand Cayman, and then finally back to Denver. The craziest thing about this…
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Are Heavier Patients More Likely to Have a Knee Replacement Revision?

It’s a myth to believe that every orthobiologic injection of PRP or stem cells will help 100% of the patients with knee arthritis. In fact, there’s a failure rate with all of these technologies. So if you do need a knee replacement, what might determine if that’s a success or failure? Turns out weight is…
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Hip Replacement or Back Fusion First? Timing Matters When Considering Risks

One of the clinical scenarios where bone marrow concentrate doesn’t work well is severe hip arthritis. In these cases, we often tell patients to get a hip replacement. However, it’s critical to understand that the body is connected, so for example, getting a back fusion may impact your hip replacement. Before I share the newest…
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Drug Development vs. Physician Innovation: A Primer for Academics and Journalists

One of the things that really confuses bench scientists and science journalists is the stark difference between how drugs and medical procedures are developed and tested. These groups tend to conflate the two, which is like comparing apples and oranges and then being upset that a Vermont McIntosh is not like a California Tangerine. Let…
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Aggressive Client Aquisition Specialists and Stem Cell Marketing

Have you seen this large postcard or one like it? Physicians out there offering responsible orthobiologics hate these mailers. In addition, I would argue that these postcards represent one of the single biggest threats to producing a rational and sane orthobiologics industry and that the companies involved in sending them should be targeted by regulators.…
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Comparing the Number of Cells in Regenexx Procedures to the Rest…

You may not know that when it comes to living stem cell procedures that almost all doctors use simple bedside machines. So this morning I’ll educate you on that process and compare the number of cells we use in our stem cell procedures to everyone else. Let’s dive in. What is a Living Stem Cell…
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The Blind Leading the Blind… We Have an Academia Regen Med Problem

We have a big problem looming in regenerative medicine. There is a serious lack of knowledge in academia about the science, and more importantly a lack of clinical experience. This means that much of the published research studies in this area often have rookie mistakes that negatively impact the field. I’ll give a few examples…
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Does Knee Arthritis Severity Impact Stem Cell Treatment Outcome?

For so many therapies used to treat knee arthritis, the best way to determine if a specific therapy will help is the severity of the disease. Meaning that less severe knee arthritis responds better than the more severe forms of the disease. However, one of the things we’ve observed about our same day bone marrow…
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