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Torn ACL Recovery Time?

How quickly can you get back to sports after a torn ACL? Can an ACL tear heal without surgery? If you have surgery, how long does it take to get back to sports? Let’s dig in to define torn ACL recovery time. What is the ACL? The ACL is a ligament that lives in the…read more

The Serious Long-Term Effects of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

On this page: Long-term effects of ACL reconstruction surgery Nerve interaction with ligaments like the ACL Research on the ACL and the gamma loop We tend to take for granted that our bodies are finely tuned machines and complex neural circuitry allows them to do the amazing things we’re designed to do. A 2011 study…read more

Can a Ligament Grow Back? Getting an Athlete’s ACL to Heal

On this page: What is the ACL and can it grow back? Can ACL tears be treated without surgery? An athlete’s ACL story We began treating ACL tears using x-ray guidance and high-dose bone marrow concentrate back in 2011 before anyone else was performing that procedure and frankly before anyone else was doing much of…read more

Hamstring ACL Surgery Complications: Problems in the Hamstring after Surgery

Are there hamstring ACL surgery complications you should know about? I recently blogged on research that showed that using your own tendon resulted in fewer ACL reconstruction surgery failures than using a donor ACL. Many of those ACL tendon grafts are taken from the hamstring tendon of the patient. The particular area that they usually come…read more

Knee ACL Tear Recovery? Are You Ever the Same After an ACL Surgery?

Almost every patient I have ever met believes that their knee will be the same after surgical ACL tear recovery. The ACL is a major stabilizer of the knee and often injured in sports. Most patients believe that when they injure their ACL ligaments, they can just get a new one-no harm no foul. I’ve already…read more

Sub-surgical Knee ACL Instability Can Go Undetected

A physician explains how subtle laxity in the knee ACL ligament can go undetected on MRI and examination, but can cause significant ongoing knee problems like more arthritis, pain, and swelling.

Do you need knee ACL surgery for a partial tear?

A doctor discusses non-surgical treatments for knee ACL tears as well as injections that may help the ligament heal.

Prolotherapy helps patient avoid the need for ACL replacement surgery

A doctor discusses how prolotherapy injections into the ACL helped the patient avoid a knee ACL replacement surgery.
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