Hand & Wrist

The hand and wrist are complex anatomical structures essential for performing intricate movements and tasks. Injuries or conditions affecting this region can impair mobility and function, necessitating proper diagnosis and treatment for optimal recovery.

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TFCC Surgery Issues and Jennifer’s Story

Our opposable thumbs are one of the things that have allowed our brains to get so big. To make that work, there’s a structure you may never have heard of called the TFCC which can become damaged and cause immense pain. When that happens TFCC surgery is often recommended. Is that a good idea? No,…read more

What is Intersection Syndrome?

Intersection syndrome is a diagnosis that’s given to patients with a painful condition of the forearm and wrist. What causes this problem? How is it diagnosed? Can it be treated? If so, how? What is Intersection Syndrome? Intersection syndrome is defined by pain on the back thumb side of the wrist. This can occur in…read more

An Artist’s Hand and Avoiding Thumb Surgery

Thumb arthritis is a major problem for all of us, but much worse for those of us who use our hands. This is the story of a revolutionary non-surgical procedure for those with CMC arthritis and an artist who got his grove back. Let’s dig in. What Is the Thumb CMC Joint? The thumb has…read more

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery is critical to understand BEFORE you sign up for the surgery. Understanding the recovery timeline is all about knowing how the procedure is performed and whether you’re a candidate for newer, less invasive, and regenerative options. So let’s dig in. What Is the Carpal Tunnel? There’s an area in your wrist…read more

Thumb Surgery Alternative?

Is there a real thumb surgery alternative? Can thumb arthritis be cured? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of thumb surgery and how we have helped many people avoid thumb surgery through a new precise injection technique. What is the CMC Joint of the Thumb? The CMC (Carpal-Metacarpal) joint of the thumb is between…read more

Avoid Ulnar Shortening Surgery: What’s Causing My Pain if It’s Not My Ulna Bone?

A few years back, I blogged on the barbaric procedure known as ulnar shortening. A patient who was about to pull the trigger on this surgery wrote me and wanted me to blog on what could be causing the pain he experiences. Hence, this morning’s blog. What Is Ulnar Variance or a Long Ulna? The…read more

Interdigital Wasting in Seattle Fixed with Platelet Lysate

We all seem to take our feet for granted. I know I do. However, this is where our body meets the ground, and, consequently, they’re pretty important. Since you likely don’t notice your feet, you may be surprised to learn that there are muscles that live there. As we age, some of us will lose…read more

They Were Going to Amputate This Finger Before PRP!

Several months ago a patient I was seeing for another issue showed me the results of her finger-fusion surgery to treat arthritis. As she unwrapped her finger, I was a bit startled by its appearance (left above). It had the classic “mummy finger” dry-gangrene look, and her surgeon wanted to amputate it. She asked about whether…read more
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