Meniscus Tears

Meniscus tears are knee injuries characterized by pain, swelling, and limited mobility. They often occur due to sudden twisting motions or degenerative changes associated with aging or repetitive stress on the knee joint.

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Pain Behind the Knee? Here’s What’s Going On

On this page: Hamstring or calf muscle or tendon injuries Popliteus and plantaris muscle injuries Tibial or other nerve problems Meniscus tears Baker’s cyst I talk a lot about knee pain and what to do and what not to do about it. This time, I want to pinpoint a precise location: the back of the…read more

Culture Expanded Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

I evaluated an interesting patient down at our Cayman Islands advanced stem cell practice site recently in that his MRI changes were fascinating. While I see patients every day who are improving and have great stories, many times I just don’t have the time to write up what’s happening. However, every once in a while,…read more

Should I Have Meniscus Surgery? No…

The most common orthopedic surgery in America had it’s final epitaph written this month with a level-1 study showing that surgery for meniscus locking is no better than placebo. Given that this was the final indication for the surgery, based on the research, to use a party analogy, the booze has run out for this little…read more

Read Your Own Knee MRI – Meniscus Tear

Do you have a meniscus tear?  Read Your Own Knee MRI-Meniscus Tear is another in our series on how to get a head start on reading your own knee MRI.  Enjoy!

What is a Meniscal Cyst? Why You Should Care about the Hole in My Meniscus

What is a meniscal cyst? This week I was preparing for a lecture and needed certain ultrasound images that I didn’t have, so I performed a knee ultrasound exam on myself to save examples. When I got to my lateral anterior (outside front) knee meniscus, a big hole in my meniscus jumped out off the screen. Yikes!…read more

New Study: Your Meniscus Tear may be Caused by a Bad Nerve in Your Back

You don’t often hear meniscus tear and bad back nerves in the same sentence.  But we see patients all the time who have low level issues in their low back causing problems in the knee. Most of these patients don’t think they have a back issue because their back doesn’t hurt much. However, a new…read more

Beware of a Meniscus Tear if you have no ACL!

Is surgery for a knee meniscus tear with no ACL a good idea?  We’ve seen many patients walking around without a knee ACL ligament as a result of an old complete rupture of that ligament. Recently, more and more research has been showing that many patients do well without an ACL ligament and that replacing the ligament…read more

MRI Meniscus Tear Study Totally Misses the Point-Most Meniscus Tears should not be Surgically Treated

A doctor discusses the research showing that surgery for a torn meniscus may not be a good idea.
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