Degenerative Conditions

Degenerative conditions refer to health issues characterized by the gradual deterioration of tissues or organs over time. These conditions commonly affect musculoskeletal structures, such as joints or the spine, leading to symptoms like pain, stiffness, and reduced function.

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Setting an Ethical Framework for Preventative Orthobiologics

Anyone practicing legit high-level Interventional Oorthobiologics (IO) has had the experience of a patient asking to have an area or body part treated just because that patient has some degenerative changes on imaging but no symptoms. As a field, I would argue that we are the first physicians in history to begin addressing this dilemma…read more

The Alien Abduction Model of DDD: Why Cellular Drug Trial Results Have Been Underwhelming

Let’s say that you’re sleeping one night and get awoken by an alien in your bedroom who takes you back to the mothership for experiments on your low back. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with animal degenerative disc disease research for decades. It’s this artificial DDD model that has caused many cell therapy…read more

Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Regenative Labs Update

It seems like such a simple missive, “Why can’t we be friends?” Who could possibly disagree with that concept? This is what a company called “Regenative Labs” has been pinging me with on LinkedIn. What’s that all about and how could I possibly refuse? Let’s dig in. Regenative Pings Me Several weeks ago, I started…read more

The Fusion War

Who should control Spinal Fusion among doctors? There’s an interesting fight going on that’s worth exploring. Let’s dig in. What Is Fusion? Spinal surgeons can install hardware and make sure degenerative and painful Spine segments don’t move anymore. This is of course an issue, as it hasn’t been shown to be any better than just…read more

ANOTHER Study Shows Fusion Is an Expensive Tip

What if a very invasive spine procedure became common to treat degenerative disease despite a high complication rate and multiple studies showing it was ineffective? This would make little common sense, right? However, that’s what has happened with Lumbar Fusion. Now yet another new study shows it doesn’t work. Let’s dig in. What Is DDD…read more

What Is Bioxcellerator?

Bioxcellerator is a stem cell therapy company using mostly umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells to treat everything from chronic pain to neurological issues, sexual wellness, and rejuvenation. The company has a corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona, but does all of its treatments at their Medellin, Colombia treatment center. The company aggressively markets its services online…read more

Do You Really Need that Low Back Fusion?

Low Back Fusion has become one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the US, despite very poor evidence that it’s better than not doing any surgery. One of the big issues that often comes up for patients who have a condition called Degenerative Spondylolisthesis is whether they need a Fusion or can just…read more

Why the C1-C2 Facet Joint Is Inherently Unstable

Your neck has joints about the size of your finger joints that help to control motion. One of them is pretty unique and is responsible for most of your head rotation. It’s also designed in a unique way that makes it inherently unstable and can cause vicious headaches if injured. Let’s explore the C1-C2 facet…read more
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