ACL Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are common among athletes, often resulting in significant time away from sports and requiring extensive rehabilitation. In our series of blogs, we delve into the complexities of ACL injuries, exploring their causes, treatment options, and effective prevention strategies to help athletes maintain peak performance and reduce the risk of recurrence.

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Labral Tears and a Track Athlete – Surgery on Kids

On my Facebook Live show “You’ve Got the Power” on Friday I spoke about how crazy it is that we continue to offer aggressive orthopedic surgery to young athletes. Today I’d like to highlight one who avoided hip labral surgery. Let’s dig in. Why Are We Operating on Kids? One of the big differences in…read more

Can a Ligament Grow Back? Getting an Athlete’s ACL to Heal

On this page: What is the ACL and can it grow back? Can ACL tears be treated without surgery? An athlete’s ACL story We began treating ACL tears using x-ray guidance and high-dose bone marrow concentrate back in 2011 before anyone else was performing that procedure and frankly before anyone else was doing much of…read more

Is ACL Surgery a Second Hit to the Joint Cartilage?

I’ve blogged before on the idea that we now have high-level evidence that suggests ACL surgery itself is harming the joint. While at the Havemeyer Symposium (think tank) at CSU, one of the physician-scientists presented an interesting slide that supports this idea. Let me explain. The Prior Research As I have reported previously, data from…read more

Land like a Ballerina to Avoid Female ACL Injuries

In the United States, in over a decade, we’ve seen a greater-than 900% increase in ACL injuries in girl’s sports. Interestingly, despite this epidemic, research shows that in comparison, ballerinas rarely have ACL injuries and are certainly much less likely to injure their ACLs than other female athletes. So the question is why? The answer…read more

An Open Letter to Dr. Oz on Stem Cells for Knee ACL Injuries…

Dr. Oz on Knee ACL Stem Cell Treatments… We like Dr. Oz. He’s a master at educating patients, which strikes near and dear to my heart as someone who also believes that educating patients is the key to helping them recover. However, he recently published a newspaper column where a mother asked about the use…read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Knee ACL Injuries

I just contributed to an article on Expert Beacon on the “Do’s and Don”t’s” of ACL Surgery. We’ve seen tremendous results with our Regenexx-ACL stem cell procedure, which is the subject of a recent submission for publication in a research journal.

Houston We Have a New Ligament: Does the Newly Discovered ALL Ligament Explain Why Some ACL Injuries Can’t Be Fixed?

The ALL Ligament! No single phrase better defines the excitement of my childhood than, “Houston, the Eagle has landed…” Being a kid of the space race age, this was its apogee. I felt like a little kid this this week as I saw a new knee ligament discovered for the first time in more than…read more

Treatment of Loose and Stretched ACL with Stem Cell Injection

A doctor discusses how stem cells injections may be used to treat a loose ACL ligament instead of more invasive orthopedic surgery to replace the ACL ligament in the knee.
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