Growth Factors

Growth factors are vital proteins that regulate cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation, crucial for tissue repair and wound healing. In regenerative medicine, they are utilized to stimulate tissue regeneration and enhance the healing process in various medical conditions.

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Does Testosterone Help Orthobiologic Procedures?

The same patient who asked the question about PRP vs BMC and ligament healing yesterday also asked about whether taking testosterone could help with healing after an orthobiologic procedure. That same prolotherapy physician who launched the last blog had also claimed that there was no doubt that the science showed that testosterone supplementation helped his…read more

New Research On Amniotic Injections: ReNu

As I have maintained for years, amniotic tissue may have a role in musculoskeletal treatment, but early sales scams hurt the industry. In the meantime, several companies have begun to pay for clinical trials to see where this stuff may work the best. Today we’ll cover some new data published on a product named ReNu.…read more

What Is Evolution Biologyx? What Do They Have to Do with Interfyl?

It’s a full-time job keeping up with the shenanigans of sales reps selling birth tissues. This one is interesting because it involves a very legit billion-dollar company and an outfit that claims to be selling their product. Add in a heavy helping of high-risk Medicare billing ideas and we have a twisted tale. Let’s dig…read more

Skeletal Stem Cells Found Living in the Growth Plates May One Day Make Us Taller

Skeletal stem cells may hold the key to expanding regenerative treatment for skeletal issues in the future. The problem is finding and identifying them, but it seems one type may be living in the growth plates of long bones.
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