Orthobiologics are natural substances that doctors use to help your body heal orthopedic issues. They include things like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow concentrate. Instead of surgery, these treatments use your body’s own healing powers to fix problems like joint injuries and arthritis.

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Can QC Kinetix Reinvent Itself as a Legit Player Offering Orthobiologics? My Interview with Mitch Sheinkop

I wanted to get this one out the door before I left for my sailing sabbatical. If you read this blog, you know all about QC Kinetix, which has been bombing the national airwaves with ads for orthobiologics delivered by mid-levels in franchise clinics. Recently, I came across a press release naming Mitch Sheinkop, M.D.,…read more

2024 Update on Interventional Orthobiologics Studies and Product Pipelines

Interventional orthobiologics research continues to advance at a furious pace. Last year, I published a blog that attempted to look ahead a bit at studies and products that may be available and posited a timeline for when that could happen. This year, I went deeper to search product studies/FDA trials and some key research studies…read more

In Memorium Greg Lutz: We Lost Another Great One This Week

This has been a tough few months for the Interventional Orthobiologics field. First, we lost Arnie Caplan, and now, this week, Greg Lutz. I knew Greg well, as he was one of my favorite people in this field. Let me share with you the Greg Lutz I knew. Meeting Greg I first met Greg around…read more

Can You Treat Thoracic Pain with Orthobiologics?

The thoracic spine lives between your neck (cervical spine) and lower back (lumbar spine). It’s where all of your ribs attach and it causes upper and mid back pain in lots of patients but is rarely treated. Why? Let’s dig into that today. Let me tell you a story from my practice that illustrates the…read more

Identifying a Quality Clinic for Orthobiologics

I’m back to these simple messages that can be digested quickly. This morning the focus is on how to identify a clinic that is delivering high-quality orthobiologics versus one that’s likely a scam. This is a real problem, as in my experience, only about 1 in 100 clinics offering PRP, exosomes, stem cells, or other…read more

Advanced Ankle Treatment with Orthobiologics

Like everything else I have posted with these treatment infographics, if you or somebody you know is considering a PRP or stem cell procedure for their ankle, please make sure the clinic can do all of these injections in all of these areas. What percentage of clinics have these qualifications? Less than 1 in 100…read more

2024 Regenexx Infographics

For the new year, I wanted to post a series of infographics that I have been creating. These are very focused on helping patients either understand high from low-quality orthobiologics offerings or help them make key decisions like whether they should get surgery or an invasive procedure versus a precise, guided orthobiologic injection instead. Each…read more

Making Sure Orthobiologic Procedure Standards Don’t Slip

As consumers, it’s not hard to look at everyday items and determine their quality relative to their price. It’s also easy to see if you’re getting the same product at a Starbucks in the Seattle airport or the one in the Miami airport. However, with orthobiologics, these quality metrics are hard for a patient to…read more
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