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Spine is the central support structure, providing stability, flexibility, and protection for the delicate spinal cord. Explore our resources to learn more about caring for your spine and optimizing your physical health.

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Is Your Snoring Being Caused by Your Neck?

In medicine, we know that snoring or what we call “Obstructive Sleep Apnea” is really bad for you. It reduces your oxygen levels, puts stress on your heart, increases your chance for diabetes and stroke, and is in general one of the biggest untreated problems in modern society. However, what you may not have ever…read more

Analyzing CCI Procedure Failures: The SpaceX Approach

[The above video is a summary of this blog.] In any real medical procedure, there are always analyses of why patients fail to respond. This week I went through that process for a unique procedure I developed to help patients suffering from Craniocervical Instability (CCI). Let’s dig into that analysis and learn what it tells…read more

Dural Leaks and Epidural Injections

I like to write to educate patients as I’ve observed that educated patients recover more quickly. Today we’ll discuss Dural Leaks and Epidural injections. So let’s dig in. What Is a Dural Leak? The brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a covering called the Dura. Those structures live in a fluid called the Cerebrospinal…read more

What’s the Purpose of a Neck Facet Injection?

These past few weeks I’ve had a number of patients with Neck Instability who are confused as to why we perform Neck Facet injections with Orthobiologics. So today I’ll dive into this topic and try to help everyone get on the same page. Let’s dig in. What Is a Neck Facet Joint? Your spine is…read more

CCI and DMX: Can You Still Have Instability with a Normal DMX? What Is a False Negative?

You can’t beat movement-based imaging for finding Cervical Instability. However, all imaging has a false-negative rate. Let’s discuss that and learn about instability in the process. Let’s dig in. What Is Instability? If you had to choose a single concept of what goes wrong in the spine as the most important thing you should know,…read more

Ultrasound of the Living Spinal Cord

This morning I would like to share a video of an ultrasound of the Spinal Cord. I happened on this unique view last year and I finally asked my assistant to save a video clip. Let’s dig in. What Is the Spinal Cord? The Spinal Cord is often thought of as the main bundle of…read more

ANOTHER Study Shows Fusion Is an Expensive Tip

What if a very invasive spine procedure became common to treat degenerative disease despite a high complication rate and multiple studies showing it was ineffective? This would make little common sense, right? However, that’s what has happened with Lumbar Fusion. Now yet another new study shows it doesn’t work. Let’s dig in. What Is DDD…read more

Do You Really Need that Low Back Fusion?

Low Back Fusion has become one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the US, despite very poor evidence that it’s better than not doing any surgery. One of the big issues that often comes up for patients who have a condition called Degenerative Spondylolisthesis is whether they need a Fusion or can just…read more
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