ACL Tears

ACL tears are classified into three grades: Grade 1, a mild sprain with minimal instability; Grade 2, a partial tear causing noticeable instability; and Grade 3, a complete tear resulting in significant instability, often requiring surgery. Let’s examine the potential causes and manifestations of ACL tears, and the treatment alternatives available to patients experiencing this condition.

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Why the Idea That an ACL Can Heal Itself Is Surgical Sacrilege

As I have written before, if modern surgical sports medicine has one sacred cow, it’s ACL reconstruction. That’s why the fact that we have dozens of MRI examples of non-healing torn ACLs improving with our Perc-ACLR procedure has raised eyebrows. Now a new study that shows that some ACLs can heal themselves has apparently angered…read more

PRP Injections for Knee ACL Tears: A Few Sandwiches Short of a Picnic

When I was in medical school I had a British girlfriend who used to use the very English expression, “A few sandwiches short of a picnic”. That saying immediately came to mind as I reviewed a new study published by orthopedic surgeons in the middle east as they compared ACL surgery to PRP injection. It…read more

Healing Another ACL without Surgery

I’ve posted so many of these before and after ACL tear MRI images that I’ve literally lost count of the total. Meaning it’s become routine for us to help athletes who tear their ACL get back to what they love without surgery. We’ve got dozens of MRIs to prove that’s what’s happening. So let’s dig…read more

Yet Another ACL with Evidence of Healing

One of the sacred cows of modern orthopedic sports medicine is ACL Reconstruction. Over the years, I’ve shared with you more than two dozen before and after MRIs of patients treated with our novel Perc-ACLR procedure and who avoided ACL surgery. So let’s dig into this new case. Perc-ACLR The Percutaneous ACL Repair procedure has…read more

A Confused Radiologist and an Improved ACL?

We have been helping patients avoid ACL surgery for many years now using the Perc-ACLR procedure. A humorous radiology report came across my desk on a patient treated by Dr. Markle that I thought was worth sharing. Let’s dig in. Radiologists and Humor? Radiology would not be the specialty you would pick as the class…read more

Being Confident in Your ACL Repair May Not Be a Good Thing

ACL reconstruction surgery is one of the most common orthopedic surgical techniques in use today. However, while most patients believe that getting a torn ACL “fixed” is just like getting a bad part in your car replaced, the truth is a bit more complicated. Now a new study shows that athletes with high confidence in…read more

Labral Tears and a Track Athlete – Surgery on Kids

On my Facebook Live show “You’ve Got the Power” on Friday I spoke about how crazy it is that we continue to offer aggressive orthopedic surgery to young athletes. Today I’d like to highlight one who avoided hip labral surgery. Let’s dig in. Why Are We Operating on Kids? One of the big differences in…read more

More Knee ACL Stem Cell Results

I’ve blogged on dozens of before and after ACL images, so today’s blog will be short. This is a patient who just achieved the two-year mark after a knee stem cell procedure received as part of our groundbreaking randomized controlled trial on the Prec-ACLR procedure. The patient was seen in 2019 by Dr. Hyzy at…read more
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