Prolotherapy is a treatment technique involving the injection of saline or sucrose into injured areas of the body to stimulate natural healing processes. By signaling the body to focus on specific tissues, prolotherapy encourages the migration of immune cells and healing agents, facilitating tissue repair and regeneration.

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SI Joint Fusion: A Case Study of Why Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control

If you’re a company in the healthcare cost containment space, your chances of seriously bending down the cost curve are slim, and none, and “Slim’s on vacation in Texas.” What I mean is that many great ventures have tried to control healthcare costs, and all have failed to make meaningful dents because they approach the…read more

New Lab Research Doesn’t Help Improve Prolotherapy

A colleague recently sent me a lab-based study that claims that the standard solution used for ligament and tendon prolotherapy should be lowered in concentration. Since that would be a big deal, I decided to take a deep dive into the study. What I found was that the study is not helpful in determining whether…read more

What’s the Difference between Prolotherapy, PRP, and Bone Marrow Concentrate?

While today’s topic may seem very simple, I get this question so often that it’s an important one to review now and again. Prolotherapy, PRP, and Bone Marrow Concentrate collectively make up about 70% of all Regen Med treatments offered in Orthopedic care. Hence, understanding the differences between them is critical. Let’s dive in. Interventional…read more

What Are the Intertransverse Ligaments?

As I have said many times, ligaments are the red-headed stepchild of the spine. Meaning they are often ignored by 99% of the physicians treating spine problems. However, they are important and ubiquitous throughout the spine. Today we’ll review the Intertransverse ligaments, what they do, and why they could be causing you problems. Let’s dig…read more

How to Interpret the Different Trajectories of Ligament Healing

We can now help many ligament injuries heal through precise injections rather than surgery. Most patients do great, but some are left trying to read the tea leaves of their recovery pattern to see how this impacts their future. So let’s review most of the possible outcomes and learn from them. My Ligament Healing History…read more

Platelet Raisins: Can You Add Prolotherapy and PRP Together?

Many new patients tell me that they’ve gotten a combination of Prolotherapy plus PRP from another clinic. Today we’ll explore why it’s generally a bad practice to add Prolotherapy solution to PRP. Why? Because it makes damaged platelet raisins. To understand that, we’ll learn some basic physical chemistry. Let’s dig in. Defining Terms What Is…read more

Neck Pain And Dizziness: The Inner Ear Is Only Part Of The Picture

Did you know that your neck can make you dizzy? Most patients don’t know that dizziness also known as cervical vertigo and neck pain can be connected, and many physicians miss this diagnosis.[1] Why? Both patients and doctors think inner ear or brain when dizziness occurs. However, when the neck component of our balance system…read more

Types of Knee Injections For Pain From Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative joint disease. It causes pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joint. The cartilage in the knee typically acts like a shock absorber, protecting the knee joint. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down, causing pain and other symptoms. This ongoing, nagging knee pain can make everyday activities difficult. Knee…read more
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