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Note to Reporters: The Regenexx procedures currently being offered in the US are 1271.15(b) compliant (same surgical procedure) and not considered a 351 drug by FDA. The only Regenexx procedure considered a drug by FDA was the Regenexx-C procedure, which has not been performed in the U.S. since 2010. For more information on the medical practice and it’s mission, click here.

Wall Street Journal OpEds on Regenerative v. FDA: April 2012-Former FDA Commissioner Opposes FDA’s Stance, August 2012-Former FDA Deputy Director Opposes FDA’s Stance

Manhattan Institute Legal Policy Review on How the FDA’s Misguided Regulation of Stem Cells Hurts Innovation

How We Educate Our Patients and the Public

We are leaders in interventional orthopedic research for orthopedics and we believe in following all of our patients in a treatment Registry and publishing the results of our therapies: the good results as well as the treatment failures. Here are some examples of easy to read patient infographics that provide these outcome details on many treated patients:

Patient Treatment Registry Outcome Data

We believe in highlighting both patient success stories and treatment failures. Here are example links to some treatment failures we have highlighted on our site: failure 1failure 2


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