Disc Tears

Disc tears, also known as annular tears, are small cracks or ruptures in the outer layer of spinal discs. They can result from trauma, aging, or repetitive strain, leading to pain and reduced mobility.

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Recovering from Orthobiologic Injections: My Journey

One of the biggest questions patients ask every day is what can I expect when recovering from my Orthobiologic procedures? What does that look like? Let’s learn a little today by seeing how I’m doing today after my procedures this week. Let’s dig in. Staying Ahead of the Aging Curve As I get older and…read more

Can You Get Rid of a Cervical Disc Bulge with an Injection of Bone Marrow Stem Cells?

The holy grail of neck and back disc treatment is regrowing new discs by injecting something. However, so far, no clinical study to date has really confirmed that this is possible. Having said that, we’ve seen that injecting special stem cell types into low back discs can get rid of disc bulges. This morning I’d…read more

How to Avoid Discography Side Effects: Biologic Discography

Frankly, until we became the first in the world to inject stem cells into discs, discography never made much sense to me. I would tell patients, “I’m going to poke a hole in your disc to see if there’s a hole in your disc.” However, when we began to see that platelet rich plasma and…read more

Should You Get Your Disc Injected with Stem Cells?

It seems to be the latest craze; all the cool providers, most after taking a weekend course, are doing it. So should you get your disc injected with stem cells? The question certainly seems simple enough; however, the answer is a bit more complex. This isn’t a new fad for us. We were the first…read more

What Is an Annular Tear?

Many patients don’t know that it’s possible to tear the disc in their neck and back. When this happens it’s called an annular tear. So let’s explore what happens. The annulus is the tough, fibrous outer covering of our spinal discs. The spinal discs live between each of the bones that make up our spine,…read more

Watch a Stem Cell Disc Treatment: Step into Our Procedure Suite with Dr. Pitts

With over 2,000 posts on this blog, I’ve given you a lot of material to read over the years about what we do; however, there’s nothing quite like watching an actual procedure. I hope you are enjoying this series of videos allowing you to step into one of our procedure suites so you can observe…read more

Stem Cell Disc Injection: The Hammer and the Nail

There’s a saying in medicine, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Meaning that if all the doctor knows how to do for a given problem is one treatment, then he or she tends to use that treatment when it’s not appropriate. This morning I’d like to highlight a stem…read more

Stem Cells for Disc Regeneration?

Across the Internet right now, you can find countless websites advertising stem cells for disc regeneration. Is this for real or is it a scam? A recent patient post on our RIP fusion blog can help explain what’s real and what’s likely not. What Is a Degenerated Disc? The reason for trying to regenerate a…read more
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