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Healthcare providers, including professionals and organizations, deliver medical services and care to patients. Their role encompasses diagnosing illnesses, providing interventions, and promoting well-being in individuals and communities.

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Regenexx Corporate Updates: 169,902 and 1,904

Regenexx is the world’s largest specialist-driven orthobiologics network. We’re also almost two decades old. The most exciting thing that’s happened in these past few years is that we continue to add more “corporate overage”. What’s that and why is that important? Let’s dive in. What is Regenexx? Regenexx is an invitation-only, specialist-driven medical network that…read more

How Can Regenexx Satisfy the Requirements to Add Orthobiologics to a Health Plan?

Regenexx is the only orthobiologic provider on the planet that has been able to document the reduction of orthopedic costs by adding its services to a company’s health plan. How is that possible? Why has only Regenexx been able to do this? Let’s dig in. What are Orthobiologics? Orthobiologics are substances that can help damaged…read more

The Case For and Against Midlevels in Interventional Orthobiologics

There’s a debate raging in interventional orthobiologics that’s just below the surface and starting to boil over into everyone’s reality. Should midlevels be using these techniques to treat patients? Is this ethical? Right? Wrong? Good? Bad? Let’s dig in. What is  Midlevel? A midlevel is a physician extender. The category includes both physician assistants (PAs)…read more

Regenative Labs Sues CMS and the Entire Medicare Program

As I have reviewed in this blog, Medicare recently issued a massive clawback likely worth about half a billion dollars for payments made for birth tissue products to treat problems like knee arthritis and pain. This week, one of the companies involved called Regenative Labs has sued CMS and all of its national Medicare contractors…read more

Birth Tissue Injection Medicare Clawback Quickly Expands to the ENTIRE Nation

Yesterday I discussed that the Medicare Administrator for the state of Florida had decided to claw back all payments for birth tissue injections going back to 2019. I theorized that it wouldn’t be long until the other Medicare regions did the same. Well here we are a day later and I have now learned that…read more

Announcing Our 2023 Annual Interventional Orthobiologics Fellowship

11 years ago back in 2011, we began a Fellowship program. This weekend we announced our 2023 edition of that program. Let’s dig in. What Is a Fellowship? To become a Doctor you attend college and then you go through 4 years of Medical school. After that, it’s a year of Internship and then Residency…read more

A Comment from a Reader…

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. With daylight savings gone and the “fall back”, I was up extra early this morning and wanted to highlight a comment from a reader. So let’s dig in. The Comment I get emails all the time…read more

Listening as a Diagnostic Tool in Medicine

Sir William Osler is the physician identified with creating much of our modern medical education system of internship and residency. He would often tell his students something like what I have written above. The goal was to get them to understand that even back at the turn of the 20th century, listening to the patient…read more
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