Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders encompass a wide range of conditions affecting the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons, often leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Our blog series explores the various types of musculoskeletal disorders, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, providing valuable insights for managing these conditions and improving quality of life.

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A Deep Dive into the Data Supporting the Use of Mfat in MSK Disorders

One of my day jobs is the Chief Medical Officer of Regenexx, hence I must know what’s been published on every possible technology we could use to help our patients. One of those is called MFat. What’s been published and how does that compare to technologies like PRP? Let’s dig in. What is MFat? MFat…read more

Which Ligament Allows for Excessive C1-C2 Overhang?

This blog is specific to the topic of upper cervical instability. In that patient population, we often get a Digital Motion X-ray open mouth view looking for sideways motion of C1 on C2 (aka “overhang”). When we see that, which ligament is responsible for allowing that to happen? Let’s dig in. The Upper Cervical Ligaments…read more

Could a New Hydrogel Help DDD?

Degenerative disc disease or DDD is a common problem. While lots of therapies have been discussed, there is still no reliable way to grow people a new disc. A recent small study on an injectable hydrogel was recently hyped in the media as maybe solving this issue? Let’s review that new data. What is DDD?…read more

Why Tight Pecs and Shoulder Pain Could Be a Canary in the Coalmine of the Neck

Way back when, miners would take small birds into the mines, as they were sensitive to changes in oxygen and gas levels that could threaten these workers’ lives. Hence, the phrase, “canary in the coalmine” was born. This past month, with all of the graduations and events I had to attend, my left shoulder and…read more

Is Blocking Acute Inflammation Causing Chronic Pain?

We’ve known for a long time that injecting high-dose steroids into patients to treat pain is a dumb idea. However, that was based on studies showing harm to the local tissues. What if it’s also creating millions of new chronic pain patients? Let’s dig in. Natural and Mega Dose Steroids The issue with medicine’s steroid…read more

The Critical Upper Body Suspension System

What connects your arms to your body? While that may sound like a crazy question that you really don’t need to know the answer to at this point, it’s actually a bigger deal than you might realize. Why? because like your car, the “suspension” system for your upper body can get misaligned or damaged and…read more

What is Intracranial Hypertension? What Does It Have to Do with the Neck?

Since we see many patients with neck pain and headaches, the topic of intracranial hypertension seems to be more common these days. So what is intracranial hypertension and what does it have to do with headaches? Is it caused by internal jugular vein (IJV) compression? What is IJV compression? Can neck problems make it worse?…read more

Making Sure You Get the BMC Injection You Paid For…

Last evening was my youngest son’s high school prom. As all of the parents met at somebody’s house for pictures, I spoke to a mom about a “stem cell” procedure she had done on her knee. On the one hand, she was lucky, in that she got most of what she paid for, on the…read more
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