Conventional medicine

Conventional medicine is the standard approach to healthcare practiced by medical professionals trained in accredited medical schools. It relies on evidence-based treatments, pharmaceuticals, and surgical interventions to diagnose, manage, and prevent diseases and conditions.

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Traditional Medicine’s Approach to Treating Knee Arthritis is Blowing Up

Three new studies have recently been added to many others that our current traditional treatment of knee arthritis is probably hurting more people than it’s helping. So let’s explore this morning what’s up. Let’s also explore how you can protect yourself from the medical care system potentially making your arthritis worse. What are the Most…read more

The Low Back Pain Circulus in Probando Experiment

What if you lied to your patients about what was wrong with them? Meaning, what if you told them there was nothing wrong when you as the doctor had no idea if that was accurate? What impact would that have on them? That was recently studied in an RCT on the biopsychosocial model of pain…read more

Seamonkeys and Oral Stem Cell Pills from New Zealand

I used to love Sea-monkeys as a kid. They would come to life out of a little packet of dehydrated eggs when placed in seawater. An ad this week on Facebook selling oral “live” stem cell pills is claiming that a pill can repair your body using placental stem cells from deer. So is it…read more

The Orthopedic Delusion that Hip Impingement Should Be Operated

One of the more bizarre trends of the past decade-plus has been the idea that we should be operating on people with Hip Impingement. I’ve been a big critic for two reasons. First, it makes no common sense. Second, the science doesn’t support that we should be doing this to patients. Today we’ll cover a…read more

Digging the Hole Deeper and Deeper: Biolabs Fluid Flow

One thing I learned many years ago as a young doctor was that you don’t mess with Medicare billing. It’s literally like kryptonite to every medical practice or hospital. No matter how big you are, if you screw up or worse yet, purposefully bill Medicare for things that you shouldn’t, the feds will take you…read more

Nerve Damage After Surgery: What Are Your Treatment Options?

In this article: Overview Diagnosis Recovery time Treatments Nerve damage patients’ stories One of the biggest issues we see after surgery is scarring around the nerves (1). The most common symptoms of nerve damage after surgery are usually numbness, tingling, burning, muscle weakness or atrophy. Many times the symptoms are temporary, for example, many patients…read more

MiMedx and AmnioFix Review

This book kept staring at me. It’s been sitting on my office desk for the last month plus, taking up a huge amount of space and doing a good job of standing out when compared to my patient charts. You see, it arrived in the mail in a big FedEx box. What is it? It’s…read more

Back Fusion Outcome: Fusion Leads to Dead Multifidus

Decisions in Medicine like most things are based on risk vs. benefit.  There are life saving procedures and surgeries where the answer is clear, but in non emergency situations, are we doing greater good than harm?  A new study looks at the potential damage done to the multifidus in the common surgery, back fusion. So what is…read more
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