Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injections involve the direct delivery of stem cells into specific tissues or areas of the body. These injections are utilized in various medical procedures.

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Should You Get an SI Fusion?

SI joint fusion is all the rage right now. My last in-depth update on this topic was in 2019 and 2020. My conclusion back then was to ask why we were fusing the SI joint when we can easily treat lax ligaments through injection with far fewer complications. However, since then SI joint fusion has…read more

Getting Your Shoulder Injected

Regrettably, 90% of “stem cell” procedures involving the shoulder only place cells into muscle trigger points without guidance. That’s very incomplete care and usually a rip-off for the patient. So what should be injected? The joints using ultrasound or fluoroscopy Any bone sites with swelling using fluoroscopy Tendons using ultrasound guidance Ligaments using ultrasound Labrum…read more

What Does an Advanced Knee Treatment with Orthobiologics Look Like?

All too often these days, someone with knee pain ends up at a clinic where they blindly inject something into the joint. However, real advanced orthobiologics care using PRP or stem cells involves placing these substances precisely in various parts of the knee. Let’s review of few of those spots: Intra-articular or inside the joint…read more

Are They Really Injecting Your Disc?

I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. One of the more interesting scams out there is a proliferation of ex-US “stem cell” clinics that are telling patients that they are injecting intervertebral discs when, in fact, most are never coming close to placing cells in the disc. Let’s dive into this…read more

Can an Intraosseous BMC Injection Mend a Non-healing Bone?

The history of using BMC to heal damaged bone is long and extensive, going back to the 1990s. Today I’ll cover what we know and highlight an amazing case of one of our old CSC fellows. Let’s dive in. Bone Marrow Concentrate Bone Marrow Concentrate or BMC (aka BMAC) is a mix of cells obtained…read more

Blogging from the Caymans Again

Twice a year now, I head down to Grand Cayman to treat patients with culture-expanded stem cells. Why make this trip? What’s different? Let’s dig in. What are Culture Expanded Stem Cells? There are stem cells in bone marrow concentrate which we use widely in the United States to help patients heal from a variety…read more

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Dose Matters in Knee Osteoarthritis

If there’s one overarching theme in orthobiologics that I have been discussing for almost two decades, it’s that measuring and delivering higher doses are critical for success. Despite this, 99% of physicians who offer these procedures don’t know what dose they’re delivering and use bedside kits that can only achieve low doses. Today we’ll go…read more

Healing Another ACL without Surgery

I’ve posted so many of these before and after ACL tear MRI images that I’ve literally lost count of the total. Meaning it’s become routine for us to help athletes who tear their ACL get back to what they love without surgery. We’ve got dozens of MRIs to prove that’s what’s happening. So let’s dig…read more
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