Revision Surgery

Revision surgery corrects or improves the outcome of a previous surgical procedure. It addresses complications, recurrence, or inadequate results to restore function and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

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Are All Hip Replacement Devices Associated with Pseudotumors?

A few years back, I blogged on a research study that looked at masses that were associated with metal-on-metal hip replacement surgeries called pseudotumors. However, now new research shows that these awful side effects may be more common than anyone realized and occur with other types of hip replacement devices as well. In fact, they…read more

Back Fusion Outcome: Fusion Leads to Dead Multifidus

Decisions in Medicine like most things are based on risk vs. benefit.  There are life saving procedures and surgeries where the answer is clear, but in non emergency situations, are we doing greater good than harm?  A new study looks at the potential damage done to the multifidus in the common surgery, back fusion. So what is…read more
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