Stem Cell Therapy

The use of stem cells to promote tissue repair and regeneration in the body holds promise for addressing injuries, degenerative diseases, and other health issues by harnessing the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This approach is being explored for its potential therapeutic applications.

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Blogging from the Caymans Again

Twice a year now, I head down to Grand Cayman to treat patients with culture-expanded stem cells. Why make this trip? What’s different? Let’s dig in. What are Culture Expanded Stem Cells? There are stem cells in bone marrow concentrate which we use widely in the United States to help patients heal from a variety…read more

Is Bone Marrow Concentrate a Stem Cell Therapy?

This has been an interesting few years with regard to the regulations behind using the term “stem cell therapy”. It’s also been an interesting scientific ride as well. Today I’ll review the pure science of whether bone marrow concentrate is a stem cell therapy. I’ll cover the concept that bone marrow concentrate contains stem cells…read more

Seamonkeys and Oral Stem Cell Pills from New Zealand

I used to love Sea-monkeys as a kid. They would come to life out of a little packet of dehydrated eggs when placed in seawater. An ad this week on Facebook selling oral “live” stem cell pills is claiming that a pill can repair your body using placental stem cells from deer. So is it…read more

CFU-f 101: To Be an Orthobiologics Expert You MUST Learn This

The blind leading the blind is one of my favorite expressions. As one of the founders of this field of interventional orthobiologics, the fact that this statement applies to much of our existing orthobiologics education is concerning to me. Nowhere is this more true than the concept of stem cell dose and CFU-f assays. Hence,…read more

Can You Easily Determine MSC Content of BMC at the Bedside?

Dose is a key metric in medicine. However, dosing cells isn’t used in most of orthobiologics. However, is that about to change? Will it be possible to get a dose of stem cells at the bedside when using BMC or Mfat? Let’s dig in. Dose Matters Determining the stem cell content of Bone Marrow Concentrate…read more

Umbilical Cord MSCs Sales 2.0: Using the Expanded Access Program?

You have read here many times about the fraudulent claims of umbilical cord tissue vendors that they are selling products with millions of young and vital mesenchymal stem cells. That was followed by the FDA crackdown last year and all seemed quiet for a while. However, now we’re seeing a new business plan emerge that…read more

How Long Can a Cultured Stem Cell Treatment Last?

Our practice was the first on planet earth to treat orthopedic patients with culture-expanded stem cells in 2005. That’s so long ago in the timeline of regenerative medicine that it’s hard to imagine that we actually did this back then. As a result of that vast experience, I’d like to review a patient who just…read more

How Doing It Right Can Go Wrong… The DynaCord Story

You work for years to create a true drug product with consistent potency and purity. You work hard to get an FDA Masterfile and finally begin selling your product for lab use only. Then one day you see your product being sold for clinical use in patients and you gasp because you know that this…read more
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