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Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

You may have gone to, or are planning to go to, a local Seminar to get your knees treated with an umbilical cord stem cell therapy. Let’s dig into the sales pitch and see if it holds water. After all, these treatments can run thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. So is this the…read more

What is Exosome Therapy?

You’ve probably seen that one of the hottest areas of regenerative medicine treatment right now is exosome therapy. So what is exosome therapy? What are exosomes exactly? Do exosomes have something to do with stem cells? How are exosomes made? Let’s dive in. What are Exosomes Exactly? Exosomes are how cells talk to each other…read more

Old Age and Stem Cells?

Many patients ask about old age and stem cells. What happens to stem cells as we age? Is there an age limit to stem cell therapy? Let’s dig in. Seminars on Stem Cell Therapy A common sales pitch in many stem cell therapy seminars involves old age and stem cells. These clinics often claim that…read more

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Back Pain?

Does stem cell therapy for back pain actually work? If so, can stem cell therapy work for degenerative disc disease? What kinds work better than others? Is stem cell therapy covered by insurance? And does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Back Pain? Let’s dig in. My Street Cred on Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain…read more

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last for Knees?

One of the biggest questions I get from patients who have knee arthritis and want to avoid knee replacement is how long does stem cell therapy last for knees? Interestingly, we’re the only clinic system on earth that can answer that question as we began offering our patients stem cell therapy for knee arthritis in…read more

Stem Cell Centers Review: Not What it Seems

As you know, I review various clinics that pop up on my radar. It’s usually pretty easy for me to spot the good from the bad ones. So what did I think about this one? Read on for my Stem Cell Centers review. Selecting a Stem Cell Clinic I’ve been publishing research on stem cell…read more

What are Orthobiologics?

You’ve probably seen me use the term “orthobiologics” quite a bit. So what are orthobiologics? Let’s dig in. Let’s Break Down the Word “Orthobiologics” To understand orthobiologics, let’s break down the word. The term, “orthobiologics” is a combination of ortho (referring to the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons) and biologics, which in this context means…read more

Stem Cell Treatment Side Effects: IV Umbilical Cord Risks

This weekend I was sent the transcript of a scary back and forth between a knowledgable stem cell expert and a layperson who wanted to open a stem cell therapy clinic using IV infusions of umbilical cord blood. It got me thinking that a blog was needed on stem cell treatment side effects with a…read more
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