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Real vs. Fake Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment: How to Tell the Difference

There are hundreds of stem cells clinics in the U.S., alone, offering to cure everything from impotence to autism to heart damage suffered after a heart attack. Some particularly bold clinics are even claiming stem cells can grow you a new joint from a severely degenerated one. In fact, when I last reported on the…
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Does Age Affect Stem Cell Treatment Success?

Does your age impact stem cell treatment success? We’ve looked long and hard through the years for this association, but it’s been, for the most part, elusive. We’ve published a number of scientific papers on the topic, but now a group of chiropractors is fabricating from thin air a narrative about age and stem cells.…
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Stem Cell Seminars: 7 Questions to Separate Real from Hype

There’s been an explosion in clinics offering stem cells for orthopedic treatments in the last few years. The most aggressive blanket major metro areas, taking out full-page ads on the front pages of major newspapers, putting on large stem cell seminars that double as high-pressure sales events. As a consumer, especially one making medical decisions…
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Why a Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure Should Keep More of the Good Stuff Around

There are three main parts to a stem cell procedure—the bone marrow aspiration (BMA), processing the BMA to isolate the stem cells, and the reinjection. Today, we’re going to explore part of the processing step, but it’s important to understand that every step must be performed with high-quality techniques and precision to achieve the best…
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600% Increase in Knee Replacements by 2030?

A study posted by another physician popped up on Twitter the other night projecting that there will be a 600% increase in the number of total knee replacements performed by the year 2030!  I don’t agree, as this doesn’t take into account the quiet revolution occurring behind the scenes in the use of orthobiologics that…
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A New Orthopedic Stem Cell Clinic Grading System

Since Regenexx is the industry leader, we feel the need to establish guidelines for stem cell clinic quality and transparency. Because the technology is new and there are low barriers to entry, it’s the stem cell clinic wild west out there, which leaves patients confused about how to ensure the best shot at maximizing their odds…
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The Top 8 Things to Know About Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment

You’re considering orthopedic stem cell treatment, but how do you know which clinic and doctor is the right choice? Today, I’m going to share the top 8 things to know to make sure you get a quality stem cell procedure and maximize your chances of a successful outcome. If your clinic and doctor meets all 8,…
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Fat Chance: When a Fat Stem Cell Treatment Isn’t the Real Deal

I saw a patient this week at our licensed, advanced-cell-culture site in Grand Cayman with an interesting story about the right and the wrong way to do cell therapy. Given the explosion in Providers offering this therapy who have taken weekend courses, it’s not surprising that as the clinic with the most experience in orthopedic…
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