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Growing Mass Produced Cell Therapy Junk: Profit over Efficacy

Stem cells are about to become big business…the mass produced stem cell manufacturing business. The pharma based cell therapy industry that’s gearing up now for FDA approval of stem cells in a vial is quite different than the personalized medicine movement using the patient’s own stem cells. The issue is that your own stem cells,…
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Can you Use Stem Cells in Patients with Known Cancer?

The academic bench scientists crying wolf about stem cells have been all aflutter pitching stories to media outlets with titles like, “Stem Cells may Cause Cancer”and “Stem Cell Clinic Cancer Risk!” The rationale seems to be driven by the fact that embryonic stem cells have this proclivity and a general wish that physicians shouldn’t use stem…
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What Do All of these Stem Cell Numbers Mean? A Doctor-Patient Guide

On a LinkedIn discussion board I recently explained the difference between CFUs and stem cell counts and a medical device rep pinged me to ask if I would explain more, as he found that explanation helpful. One of the more confusing things out there these days are references to stem cell numbers. 99% of the…
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Stem Cells and Prolotherapy

Stem cells and prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is an injection technique whereby certain solutions are injected to cause an inflammatory healing response. We’ve used the technique for years to tighten lax ligaments and get rid of tendon related pain. We’ve published research on prolotherapy and based on our experience, this is a great technique that if applied…
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Can the Knee Repair Itself with Knee Stem Cells?

A physician discusses research showing that stem cells in the knee can help repair injuries to the knee cartilage, knee meniscus, and ligaments.
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