Scientology, Stem Cells, and Exosomes?

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What does the church of Scientology have to do with stem cells and exosomes? Turns out there are deep connections through a church organization called WISE. You’re likely wondering about how all of this comes together. Strap in, and let’s dig in.

The Church of Scientology

Where to begin? According to church founder L. Ron Hubbard, Scientologists believe that a dictator of the galactic confederacy whose name was Xenu brought billions of his people to Earth some 75 million years ago (then known as “Teegeeack”) in spacecraft that looked like DC-8s. He then killed them all with hydrogen bombs and the original spirits (Thetans) of these aliens adhere to humans and cause spiritual harm.

Dianetics is the action plan of Scientologists where the mind is divided into three parts: analytical, reactive, and somatic. The goal of Dianetics is to erase the content of the “reactive mind”, which practitioners think causes all sorts of human problems. The Dianetics process uses a procedure to ensure erasure of the reactive mind called “auditing”.

Within the many corporations that are Scientology, there is a group called WISE which stands for “The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises”. This group pushes Hubbard’s “Admin Technology”. The focus here is on using a constant flow of statistics to grow your business.

WISE tends to target professionals like dentists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. The church members that are part of this group often own their own consulting companies. Do you think I’m making this stuff up? Read this US Government employment complaint against a Miami chiropractor who tried to coerce his employees into taking Scientology courses as a condition of their continued employment.

What the heck does all of this have to do stem cells and exosomes?

Two Chiropractors on a WISE Email List

I get sent stuff all the time. This past week a colleague sent me a list that is reported to be associated with a WISE email sent about the top business consultants. Guess who clocked in at #9? David Singer Enterprises. Remember David Singer? He’s the chiropractic business consultant who wants to make chiropractors 7 figure incomes by adding dead umbilical cord stem cells to their practices that he pitches as having live and viable stem cells.

You’re never going to guess who else is on this 2015-2016 WISE list? Convicted Felon Brent Detelich who used to run The Stem Cell Institute of America (SCIA), but who is now pitching Direct Biologics exosomes through his company Physicians Business Solutions:

direct biologics physicians business solutions

If you don’t know Brent, check out the expose video about him and SCIA below:

Is there independent source verification that Brent Dedilitch is a Scientologist? We have a news report from Brent’s criminal fraud trial mentioning that his office manager had required employees to read documents that included Scientology concepts. Brent and his wife’s name also appear among many Scientology documents listed on many different anti-Scientology websites.

David Singer and a Colleague

I have many friends and local colleagues who are chiropractors. One told me about an event early in his career when he went to a David Singer course to improve his business. It wasn’t long before he was taken aside by instructors wanting to get him involved in Scientology. Is there any corroboration for this? This is from an LA Times article on Singer:

“Another firm once licensed by Scientology’s WISE organization to sell Hubbard’s management techniques was Singer Consultants. Before it merged with another management company, Singer was ranked as one of the nation’s fastest growing private businesses.

The company focused its training on America’s chiropractors. It brought hundreds of new members into the church and triggered a nationwide controversy among chiropractors over its links to Scientology. In fact, a chiropractic newspaper devoted almost an entire issue to letters praising and condemning Singer Consultants, which was located in Clearwater, Fla., where Scientology is a major presence.

“We felt that there were young doctors who didn’t know they were being solicited to do something above and beyond the practice of their profession,” said Dynamic Chiropractic editor Donald M. Peterson, explaining why his Huntington Beach-based newspaper entered the controversy.

Singer Consultants was headed by Scientologist David Singer, an accomplished speaker and chiropractor who held nationwide seminars to pitch Hubbard’s business methods.

Two years ago, the company was absorbed into another management firm owned by Scientologists.”

The upshot? As I often say, you can’t make this stuff up! The fact that we have exosome and umbilical cord salespeople linked in with the business arm of the Church of Scientology is very strange indeed. In addition, this all begs the question, how deep do Scientology’s roots extend into the stem cell and exosome wild west?

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4 thoughts on “Scientology, Stem Cells, and Exosomes?

  1. Tonyaand Allen

    The chiropractor and his wife that sold my family the “amniotic and cord blood bait and switch” product, Liveyon, in Clearwater, Florida are Scientologists. We discovered this after we spent $30K between 3 family members and not a single one of us got ANY of the promised results and we were sick. Digging in to try to understand why, your Regenexx blog quickly became our most reliable (and most Genius!) “go to” source and as a result, we read your blog, ” The Amniotic and Cord Blood Bait and Switch,” regarding the use of the sales gambit being incorporated by unscrupulous chiropractors, MD’s and more!
    After we learned that we had been scammed by reading your blog, we began to do some research and discovered that the wife of the chiropractor is a felon for having tied up another person against their will and forcing them into an audit.
    Additionally, both the chiropractor and his wife are on the public list that can be found for members of the organization that donate at least 35K or more to it. It is definitely worth exploring and maybe not a coincidence at all.
    Furthermore, the MD that injected our family sets up training seminars to train other MD’s to sell and inject these fraudulent, unsterile, disease causing and illegal (per the FDA/CDC) amniotic and cord blood products by telling patients that they contain living stem cells and are a panacea for virtually all that ails. Does this smack of domestic biological terrorism according to the Patriot Act? Where does the material come from and does it violate human rights? Certainly the hypnotic sales language used to induce my family to buy and the application of illegal products sold to us without our knowledge based on false information from 2 physicians’ does in our experience!
    The article below lays out a potential long time battle that has been/ is going on between the FDA and Scientology:

    Please feel free to edit and thank you for your priceless contributions, Dr. Centeno!

  2. Parker Austin

    Keep the heat up here there is a good story and some high level scandals going on just keep digging



  4. Allen and Tonya

    Wasn’t the guy in the Exo-exosome film called “The Awakening” supposed to look like or be L. Ron Hubbard?

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