Stem cells

Stem cells are unique cells capable of differentiating into various cell types in the body. They play a crucial role in repairing damaged tissues and organs, and researchers are investigating their potential in treating a wide range of diseases and injuries.

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Placental “Stem Cells” and The State of Utah vs the FDA

There’s a battle brewing based on a new stem cell law that looks likely to pass in Utah. You can bet that this will result in the FDA getting involved and ignoring this new state law. It’s also reasonable to assume that this law will get quoted as the main ammunition to support that Utah…read more

Do IV “Stem Cells” Make Sense for Orthopedic Problems?

Many clinics are offering IV “stem cells” to treat orthopedic problems. Does this make sense? No. Please share this infographic with your friends or family who are considering these treatments!

Can Stem Cells Make You Younger?

There’s a dangerous trend out there happening both in the US and in Banana Republic stem cell clinics being pushed by celebrities and physicians that IV stem cell infusions can make you younger. Let’s explore this topic in some depth with some examples of what’s being said and why this isn’t good for the field…read more

17 Year Follow-up of Expanded MSCs Used to Treat Knee OA

I don’t post that many case reports online anymore because I feel that the field of interventional orthobiologics is well beyond that stage. However, when I had a patient in our early 2007 knee study come back into the clinic for another issue this past week, given that a 17-year follow-up is a first of…read more

Making Sure Orthobiologic Procedure Standards Don’t Slip

As consumers, it’s not hard to look at everyday items and determine their quality relative to their price. It’s also easy to see if you’re getting the same product at a Starbucks in the Seattle airport or the one in the Miami airport. However, with orthobiologics, these quality metrics are hard for a patient to…read more

Playing “The Spread” with Birth Tissues: Organogenesis as a Cautionary Tale

Healthcare billing can be complex. IMHO, one of the dodgier things I have highlighted on this blog about the recent Medicare birth tissue billing scams was the concept of a reimbursement spread. Now we have more information on this potentially illegal practice in a class action lawsuit filed by the investors in a birth tissue…read more

A Conflicted Sydney Scientist and a New Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Study

I’ve documented what I and others have called “fake” PRP studies. One of the key players involved in one of those studies was David Hunter, a rheumatologist at the University of Sydney. Now David has a new study, one where he’s using stem cells to treat arthritis. Is this another fake study or a real…read more

What’s the Difference Between All of the Types of Stem Cell Therapy?

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past, but it recently came up again through a patient, so I decided to revisit it with an update. This is an incredibly confusing topic for patients as they are usually bewildered by the vastly different claims between bone marrow, fat, and birth tissue “stem cell”…read more
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