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Medical technology is transforming healthcare through innovations that improve diagnostics, treatment, and patient care. Our blog series explores the latest advancements, from AI and robotics to wearable devices, showcasing how these technologies are reshaping the medical field and enhancing healthcare outcomes.

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The RegenLabs Saga Continues…

Frankly, at this point, my favorite saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up” keeps proving true so often, that even I’m astounded. This morning we’ll delve deeper into a company that I thought frankly would be long since gone by now, but continues to impress me with what I consider hijinks and insanity. So…read more

The Proper Use of Interventional Orthobiologics Requires Reading Your Own MRIs!

So much of what I do every day to help patients relies on three key skills. Today we’ll go over one of those or how to read MRI images and why that’s critical for a successful Interventional Orthobiologics practice. Let’s dig in. What Is Interventional Orthobiologics? Interventional Orthobiologics is the practice of injecting Orthobiologics into…read more

Burst Biologics Gets and FDA Warning Letter: Claims vs Reality

Yet another Umbilical Cord product manufacturer has received yet another FDA letter. This time it’s Burst Biologics. I thought today that I would use this as an opportunity to show you the difference between what you can find on the web against the reality of what an FDA inspection found on the ground at the…read more

Who Benefits From Doctors Misconstruing Orthobiologic Regulations?

William Fang, near as I can tell, is a grad or medical student at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona California. I didn’t actually find too much about him. The big question is, “What would a grad student in the sciences know about the complex legal regulation of orthobiologics?” Your guess is as good…read more

A Pain Reprogramming App and a New RCT

There’s been a decades-long dispute between pain psychologists and physicians that treat chronic pain. These past 5 years, the concept that the chronic pain you experience can be cured through talk therapy has expanded like a forest fire in a Santa Ana wind. Now new research aims to prove that this talk therapy works. In…read more

Regenarative Labs and Tempting The Flying Ginsu Missile

Last week was big in that Medicare and the Department of Justice began sending out Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) to health care providers who had billed for amniotic injections to treat arthritis, orthopedic, or spine conditions. I was pretty sure that the birth tissues Medicare scam was dead in the water until of course, a…read more

What Is a Flexion-Extension X-Ray?

On this page: What is spinal instability? Can instability be seen on an x-ray or MRI? What is a flexion-extension x-ray? The problem with flexion-extension x-rays How to make sure your test is worthwhile Back and neck pain patients and doctors are often confused by the idea of instability in the spine. From the patient’s…read more
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