Knee Health

Knee health refers to the overall well-being and function of the knee joint, including its structures and surrounding tissues. It is essential for mobility, stability, and participation in daily activities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining strength, flexibility, and proper biomechanics to prevent injuries and promote longevity.

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A Tale of Five Knee Joint Injections: You Get What You Pay For

It’s always hard to explain to patients how training and expertise in medicine vary widely. The good news is that in the more established areas of medicine represented by board certification, while the skill levels between doctors are different, there is a minimum standard of competency. However, once one gets into Regenerative Medicine where no…read more

What a New Bone Marrow Knee Study Can Teach Us About QA

QA is a term that you hear more often in industries like manufacturing or engineering, not in medicine. However, the bone marrow concentrate procedure for knee arthritis has so many moving parts that QA is key. So today we’ll review a new research paper and also learn how they failed on several key QA metrics.…read more

Stem Cell Support Formula Study

We’ve been running a Randomized Controlled Trial on our Stem Cell Support Formula this year. What is this? Could you benefit? Let’s dig in. What Is a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Randomized  Trial? This is the gold standard of medical research where a fake medication is given to one group and the real medication to another and…read more

Is Injecting a Knee Blind Associated with Worse Health Outcomes?

Like a headline from the Onion, I recently read an email describing a big orthopedic surgery conference where a panel was sourced on whether or not you needed ultrasound guidance to inject a knee. While the result of this panel was a LOL moment for many of my colleagues, none of us really knew the…read more

How Does Orthopedic Surgery Stack Up to Interventional Orthopedics?

As I have shown a few times, orthopedic surgery has an embarrassingly poor evidence base. I recently covered a new study that helped confirm this issue a few weeks ago and I have since performed a deep dive to compare how Interventional Orthopedics stacks up. Let’s dive in. The Old Gaurd versus the New Kid…read more

The Popliteus Muscle: A Little Muscle with a HUGE Impact

I love writing about what I experience on a day-by-day basis. This weekend, I was sitting awhile and went to get up and had lateral knee pain. Misery followed and it took me a day or so to find the culprit. So let’s learn today about the Popliteus muscle, a tiny thing that can screw…read more

The Insurance Coverage Bioethics Dilemma

There a raging controversy among physicians since the advent of orthobiologics that I would like to explore. Should a doctor push a patient towards something that may work, but is a bad or “less good” option solely because there is insurance coverage? What ethical responsibility does the physician have to recommend all options and encourage…read more

Healing Spontaneous Osteonecrosis of the Knee without Surgery

SPONK is one of those medical terms that just sounds strange, but it’s a really big nasty problem. This is the story of a patient who developed spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee likely due to excessive knee steroid shots, who was told she needed a knee replacement, but who instead used injections of her own…read more
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