Ankle Fusion

Ankle fusion, or ankle arthrodesis, is a surgical procedure aimed at relieving pain and improving stability in patients with severe ankle arthritis. By permanently fusing the bones of the ankle joint, this procedure eliminates movement in the affected joint, providing a solution for chronic pain and dysfunction.

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Living With a Subtalar Fusion: Do You Really Need Surgery?

On this page: What is the subtalar joint? What is subtalar arthritis? What is a subtalar fusion? Are ankle fusions successful? Can subtalar arthritis be treated without ankle fusion? Can you treat the subtalar joint with orthobiologics? How many patients can avoid a subtalar fusion? The subtalar joint is sort of the red-headed stepchild of…read more

Should You Get an Ankle Fusion?

Do you need an ankle fusion surgery? Ankle fusion has become a common surgical solution for ankle arthritis, but it’s obviously a big surgery with lots of things to consider before pulling the trigger. Let’s dig in. What Does Fusing the Ankle Mean? First, ankle fusions are typically performed for patients who have moderate to…read more

Ankle Pain after an Ankle Joint Replacement

A doctor discusses how replacing a joint just based on how bad it looks on x-ray or MRI can lead to disastrous consequences.
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