Anatomy of Spine

Explore the fundamentals of the spine’s structure in this brief introduction. From the alignment of vertebrae to the network of nerves, we’ll uncover the spine’s crucial role in movement, organ protection, and nerve signaling. Let’s dive into the basics of spine anatomy, shedding light on its importance for our overall health.

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Setting an Ethical Framework for Preventative Orthobiologics

Anyone practicing legit high-level Interventional Oorthobiologics (IO) has had the experience of a patient asking to have an area or body part treated just because that patient has some degenerative changes on imaging but no symptoms. As a field, I would argue that we are the first physicians in history to begin addressing this dilemma…read more

Are They Really Injecting Your Disc?

I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. One of the more interesting scams out there is a proliferation of ex-US “stem cell” clinics that are telling patients that they are injecting intervertebral discs when, in fact, most are never coming close to placing cells in the disc. Let’s dive into this…read more

Disc Injections With Platelet Raisins and Protein Syrup

The last blog I published was on the mounting evidence for using PRP to treat the common causes of spinal pain. However, in that literature review, one study stood out. That research was abruptly halted at eight weeks, which was curious. As I sat down to read and analyze this paper in more detail, it…read more

Which Ligament Allows for Excessive C1-C2 Overhang?

This blog is specific to the topic of upper cervical instability. In that patient population, we often get a Digital Motion X-ray open mouth view looking for sideways motion of C1 on C2 (aka “overhang”). When we see that, which ligament is responsible for allowing that to happen? Let’s dig in. The Upper Cervical Ligaments…read more

Can a Large Cervical Disc Bulge Be Treated with Platelets?

Just 5 years ago, the spine cases that I would accept for treatment with precise image-guided orthobiologics were determined by the severity of the MRI. Meaning more severe cases of disc bulges, stenosis, and degeneration were turned down and told to seek surgery. However, as time when on, some cases seemed to break that mold…read more

What is the Ligamentum Flavum? Why Should You Care?

One of the more critical ligaments in your spine is generally an unknown for most patients. That’s despite being responsible for causing lots of back pain and general havoc. That structure is called the ligamentum flavum. Let’s dig in. Ligaments and the Spine If we had to hold a competition between different spinal structures like…read more

The New VAST Trial Results on VIA Disc

It’s my job as CMO of Regenexx to stay on top of the latest and greatest technologies out there that can be used to treat Degenerative Disc Disease in the spine. Today I’ll tackle one called VIA Disc. My goal is to dissect a recent and past paper to see if this is something we…read more

Getting Flat Feet? Meet the Spring Ligament

My feet are getting flat. In fact, that’s causing some pain in the top of my foot at the end of the day. So what’s going on? What does that have to do with the Spring Ligament? Let’s dig in. What Are Flat Feet? Our feet have a natural Arch. Why? Because it’s part of…read more
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